We’ve all used and adored some hella awesome skincare products from all over the world— whether it’s Korean skincare with its quirky ingredients, Japanese skincare with its advanced technologies or European skincare with its tried-and-tested cult products. There’s absolutely no denying that these brands have made their mark in the skincare community with their efficiency.

However, sometimes tend to forget the gold that’s right under our noses. Local made-in-India skincare brands have been slowly penetrating the beauty industry, and we must say they happen to be offering some tough competition to their international counterparts. Not only do these brands harness the powers of ancient Indian beauty secrets but they also happen to know Indian skin inside out. This enables them to understand the various skincare concerns, we as Indians battle on a daily basis. Say hello to a plethora of products that cater specially to your skin type. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to support a local skincare brand, no? Here’s a list of a few brands that need to be on your shelf, ASAP

BrownSkin Beauty

The name says it all, don’t you think? The brainchild of everyone’s favourite VJ growing up, Anusha Dandekar and her business partner Gaurav Kumar, BrownSkin Beauty is all about empowering Indian women to feel confident in their own skin. In the land of whitening creams and skin bleaching products, this brand aims to make everyone gleam with radiance in their brown skin. BrownSkin Beauty especially targets issues that are faced by Indian skin like melasma and pigmentation and stays true to its name. They currently have 2 ranges, the Immortal skincare range that’s enriched with aloe vera and the Brown Bakery range, that’s infused with cinnamon and honey.

MM Loves: The brown bakery face and body lotion

Neemli Naturals

Handmade skincare products that hit the bullseye when it comes to efficiency and plant-based skincare, that’s Neemli Naturals in a nutshell. This brand brings to us the intertwining of ancient Ayurveda and modern science, now who’s skin wouldn’t love that? Their wide range of products includes intensely hydrating moisturisers, potent serums and powerful elixirs. Power-packed with a combination of ingredients that aren’t just sustainably and ethically sourced, but also toxin-free, Neemli Naturals’ products are something every skincare enthusiast should try out.

MM Loves: Retinol and peptide serum

Pahadi Local

Rooted in the ancient history of the Himalayas, Pahadi Local embodies luxurious wellness in all of its aspects. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to bring the hills home to you? With this brand, you don’t need to wonder anymore. They promise to bring you the purest skincare and wellness products in their most unadulterated form. Yup, that means natural facial oils, detoxifying clay masks and strengthening hair oils that happen to be created in the mountains. Pahadi Local also makes it a point to give back by ensuring fair pricing and a variety of ethically sustainable initiatives.

MM Loves: Gutti ka tel


At the forefront of the homegrown skincare movement, Ilana needs absolutely no introduction. Strengthening our beliefs in the fact that inspiring change isn’t just possible but it’s worth striving hard for, this brand promises you guilt-free skincare that’s nourishing. Think of Ilana’s products as offering your skin a tall glass of a lip-smacking, healthy smoothie. Infused with unique ingredients like acai fruit enzymes and Phyto ahas, natural goodness is at the heart of all of their actions.

MM Loves: Get the glow scrub

Ras Luxury Oils

Taking us back to our Ayurvedic traditions, Ras Luxury Oils is a powerful blend of these traditions with the soothing abilities of aromatherapy. Pioneering the “farm to face” skincare practice, every product from this brand is built on environmental sustainability and ethical practices. It all began with simple concoctions created using herbs, flowers and other natural ingredients, and, slowly grew to become elixirs, serums and toners. With “ras” meaning essence, Ras Luxury Oils does a stellar job at delivering the very essence of nature to your skin.

MM Loves: 24K gold radiance beauty boosting face elixir

Pure Earth

Perfectly created for the souls who seek a closer connection to Mother Nature, Pure Earth is the epitome of artisanal skincare done right. An amalgamation of Ayurvedic wisdom, clean beauty and soulful harmony, this brand is at the helm of luxurious care for your skin. Enriched with potent ingredients that provide excellent benefits, Pure Earth only engages in the ethical sourcing of these ingredients from local farmers and producers in the Himalayan Valleys. Their products are handcrafted in small batches and filled in special French Violet bottles which perfectly preserve the bio-active energy of their ingredients. NGL, this is what drew me in!

MM Loves: Kesha fortfiying hair oil

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