With the holiday season, good food and drinks go hand in hand. It’s one of the only times you get to satisfy your food cravings and eat like no one’s watching! Hence, during this festive season shapewear, is an absolute saviour. Currently, there are various kinds of shapewear available at your disposal to help you look sexy and alluring. So don’t be afraid to rock that tight, figure-hugging dress and make a statement! Trust me when I say wearing shapewear under your party outfits gives you a definite boost in confidence.

Let’s have a look at some, shall we?

1. Shaping Biker Shorts

When buying biker shorts, you want to look for something that will feel comfortable, have the perfect amount of stretch and won’t cause any chafing if you get sweaty. These shorts usually have a wide high-rise, thick waistband which helps in preventing the dreaded muffin top and provide a slimming effect when under your dress. What’s more, is that biker shorts are also quite trendy to be worn just as is. These shorts with an oversized sweatshirt is a great way to channel your inner Princess Diana in a super cute fit!

2. Corset

Corsets as I’ve seen in the movies based in the ’80s looked quite painful and is a whole workout in itself to put on! However, as we’ve learnt in the last two years comfort is key, it has been incorporated into this as well. Now they come in much more breathable materials and in hassle free designs to get it on. Corsets are mainly used to suck in your tummy region and give you that snatched, hourglass figure look. These under a-line or fit and flare dresses give you a stunning sillhuoette!

3. High-Waisted Underwear

If you’re wearing a short dress and would prefer not to wear anything with shorts, just some high-waisted underwear will get the job done! You get shaping underwear that goes all the way up to your midriff and keeps your tummy in place and nicely tucked away! I, myself am a huge lover of this style of underwear and they’ve definitely helped me cover that food baby after a good and hearty meal.

4. Swimsuit Style

This one again is for those of you would not like to wear something with shorts. This swimsuit style shapewear sucks you in all the correct places and accentuates you curves flawlessly! It helps shaping your stomach and also provides support to your bust area which is a huge plus point in my eyes! Say bye-bye to all those unflattering bulges and rock that tight dress without a care in the world!

5. Full-Body Shapewear

If your dress needs a full body-flattering effect, bodysuits are the way to go. They are designed in a way that helps you look toned all over. It offers a nice shapely look in those narrow and slim dresses and gives a seamless look. Your midsection, hips and thighs all benefit from the shaping effect of a bodysuit. This shapewear has got you covered for all your dinner parties, so wear that elegant, body hugging, midi or maxi dress and be the centre of attention!

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