We are sure that you’d agree with us when we say Instagram is a house of never-ending trends. Every day there is some new trend that makes its way to our feeds and honestly, it leaves us amazed at how creative people can be. One of such trends that caught our attention recently is this super fun filter, ‘In 2022, I should’ which has now become a trend. The filter responds with some fun and extremely interesting answers. Ngl, it has been quite a ride watching creators take up this challenge and react to the hilarious responses. Here are a few Reels by some of our fave creators that got us rolling with laughter. Scroll on to know more.

Let’s get scrolling!

1. Awez Darbar

Now that’s a response we defo didn’t see coming, hahaha. Ngl, Nagma’s presence is only adding to the fun of the whole video. On a side note, wouldn’t it be really interesting if he actually does it?

2. Zaid Darbar

Hahaha, this filter is so unpredictable and somehow even so apt, don’t you think? We love Zaid’s reaction in this one. Also, the timing of him saying ‘pehele baal thik kar leta hu‘ and the filter saying ‘stop being so dramatic‘ couldn’t have been any better, hehe.

3. Sameeksha Sud

Rofl, this response has to be one of the most popular in most Reels we’ve seen so far. Ngl, it still gets us every time. To add to the humor, Sameeksha’s reaction to the same is absolutely hilarious, haina?

4. Nicole Concessao

Nicole’s reaction to this filter is undoubtedly one of the cutest. Gotta say it, this filter is definitely giving our creators some crazy responses and honestly, we are totes loving all their reactions to the same.

5. Bhavika Motwani

Yay, She took the sign from the universe and finally started her YouTube channel! Honestly, it’s always a treat watching her do what she does best and this channel is only gonna add to the fun of it all. We can’t wait for all the craziness to unfurl on her channel.

6. Esha Shetty

Ending it with this cutie. That sudden change of expression though, hahaha. Tbh, we can’t get enough of that reaction. Isn’t she the cutest? Lovee how Instagram always has something fun and quirky going on.

Aren’t these responses and the reactions of the creators to it, hysterically funny? Even you should try this filter out. On that note, with the sudden rise in the cases, we urge you all to stay indoors and take all necessary precautions to fight against COVID-19.