With the surge in Covid-19 cases every other day, things are only getting uncertain. Films are being postponed and shoots are being stalled, but what is worse is that many of our celebs are also getting affected in this third wave. While recently we saw many popular names announcing that they have been tested positive, the most recent news has been about legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar who has been hospitalized. And it is not just the celebs, but even their children who are getting affected by this variant. Recently, Kishwer Merchant‘s son Nirvair and Mohit Malik‘s son Ekbir battled the virus.

Yes, after Nakuul Mehta‘s wife Jankee opened up about their son Sufi M‘s battle with Covid, now Kishwer and Mohit’s wife Addite Malik also wrote about their sons’ ordeal with the Omicron variant. Kishwer’s four-month-old son Nirvair contracted the virus recently after their house help got infected. Kishwer took to Instagram and wrote a long post about the same.

Here’s what Kishwer had to say…

5 days back Nirvair’s nanny got covid, and what followed was a disaster !!
Our house help Sangeeta got it, she is in quarantine. Sid, Suyash’s partner who is staying with us got infected. And then the worse happened Nirvair caught the virus too !! So the 2 of us had no one to cook and clean and of course to even help with Nirvair when he was so in pain and cranky !! Suyyash has been the best partner one could ever get, thanks to him we have smooth sailed our worst days with so much ease. He helped with everything, making breakfast for Sangeeta and Sid to massaging my back, wiping my tears, staying up with me, letting me rest while he would take care of bunny, entertaining him when he would get cranky, putting him to sleep, and at the same time wash utensils and taking care of Batuk and Pablo. I am so proud of him today for the person he is and has become. Glad I met you today 11 years back and got married to you.

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Other than Nirvair, it was also actor Mohit Malik’s nine-month-old son Ekbir who battled covid. Sharing his journey, Addite Malik took to Instagram and penned an important message.

She wrote,

My little Ekbir who has never had a fever till date, woke up one morning slightly warm. We checked his temperature and it was 102 degrees. The first thought that came to our mind was to test everyone and unfortunately, Ekbir and one of my house helps tested positive. Initially, I was shocked. I was wondering how did this happen but then Mohit and I decided that we had to look at it positively. Ekbir would fight it out and so would all of us as a family with increased immunity. Ironically Mohit had Covid last year in January when I was 7 months pregnant and around the same time, Ekbir too got it in the same week, same time. Children catch on to their parents’ anxiety and nervousness quickly. It took us 2 to 3 hours but we decided that the house had to be playful for Ekbir and touchwood by God’s Grace he is out of it. We were all isolated in separate rooms and we all finished our quarantine were tested and are negative. For me, the learning was that yes Covid is dangerous, and yes I was nervous but when it came down to it, we all fighters, including our children. Stay safe, take all the precautions but if you still end up letting Covid enter your home, remember not to give up! Fight it out and win the battle.

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I am glad that both the children are out of danger and I hope they stay safe and healthy in the days to come.