Wondering what Smol, Lwek, G.O.A.T means, well they are all Gen-Z slangs! If you’re curious to know who Gen-Z creators are, then you have come to the right place. Generation Z or Gen-Z are those who were born in the mid-’90s, also known as the era of digitalization. As the fastest growing users and upcoming authentic content creators, Gen-Z today are populating the ‘gram in full swing. They are taking the internet by storm with their relatable, witty and hilarious content. On #NationalYouthDay we decided to curate a special list of some new generation influencers who are making us scream ‘hell yeah’ every time we watch their videos, Reels, check ’em out!

Check out the next generation digital superstars,

1. Agasthya Shah

Agasthya is a young, passionate and talented content creator who wants to conquer the ‘gram and at this rate, we’re pretty sure he’d succeed in no time! Ngl, but for all teenagers, his observational comedy monologues and Reels are super relatable making him a youth icon. And what tops it all is his cute smile that makes our hearts skip a beat.

2. Sakshi Shivdasani

When Sakshi Shivdasani makes savage videos ranting about a situation, we feel that “Damn, are we all living the same life?” Helloo but wait it would defo be a crime if we did not mention about how cool her mini vlogs are. Tbh, if you still haven’t watched her content then you are not a true Gen-Z, hehe!

3. Avanti Nagral

We love Instagram ‘cause it gives everyone a platform to showcase their abundant talent. Raise your hand if you have been losing your mind after listening to Avanti Nagral’s voice. Her original tracks and trending content makes her an all-rounder. Lately, she has been uploading content about topics that are considered to be taboo in India.

4. Tarini Shah

Tarini Shah is a popular Gen-Z influencer for all the good reasons. She’s making a mark in the creator industry with her versatile content. From lifestyle to beauty to fashion, this young creator has been working hard to achieve greater milestones. Don’t say we did not warn you ’cause Tarini’s feed will make you wanna amp up your social media game a notch higher.

5. Taneesha Mirwani

Heyyo bestie, yes that’s right Taneesha is that best friend who we all relate to enough to say “same, ‘sis!” Her vlogs, Reels, Q&A and other content is exactly the ‘full masti majha’ scenes you need in your life, hehe. Her content is not just witty and hilarious but also thought-provoking and that’s what we love about her!

6. Kareema Barry

There’s no way you haven’t come across Kareema Barry’s content on your Instagram feed. We’re all way too familiar with this hilarious and relatable influencer who takes us all on a laughter ride with her Reels. We love how she consistently delivers quality and unfiltered content.

7. Sahil Nitin Magar

Saahel is a young trained musician who went viral on Reels after he posted the Hindi version of Stay. Some of his other famous mashups are Arcade, Love Nwantiti, Beggin and more. Now, you can’t blame us if we listen to his music tracks and covers on loop, it’s his soulful voice to blame, hehe.

8. Krutika

Krutika’s content is as quirky as her username! This gal who loves anime, K-drama leaves us chuckling all day long. She’s extremely popular for her eccentric and out-of-the-box looks. However, it’s her short videos and Reels that have got us hooked to her page. That’s not all, her 15-30 second videos based on day-to-day things are extremely accurate and make us either nod our heads in agreement or get us ROFLing.

These young Gen-Z creators are changing the course of content and we are loving this dynamic shift! They are tapping a new set of audiences with their relatable videos. The youth is always looking for something new and these creators are bringing just that. We love how they all choose ‘collaboration over competition’. Watching them create content together is something we wait for eagerly. On, that note wishing everyone a very happy #NationalYouthDay. Stay safe and take care!