On National Youth Day, Ajay Devgn Pens Down A Heartfelt Note For His 20-Year-Old Self

On National Youth Day, Ajay Devgn Pens Down A Heartfelt Note For His 20-Year-Old Self

Akash Bhatnagar

As we grow older, we think about the past and what could we have done differently in life to maybe reach a better place. Sometimes, it’s not about changing the path but just to advise ourselves on how to deal with the situations we once deemed too impossible to go through. Even I have thought about all these things and possibilities, and it’s not just me or you, but even the most successful people in their field think about it. And when Ajay Devgn posted a heartfelt note to his 20-year-old self today, that kind of proved to me that we are all in the same boat.

Check out Ajay’s note here:

Taking to social media, Ajay brought in the National Youth Day by writing some piece of advise he would have given to the 20-year-old Ajay, who was just starting in the Hindi film industry. The note is full of wise words, Ajay’s sense of humour and wit, and a whole lot of relatability.

The actor wrote,

“Let me be honest, you are going to face some brutal rejections. Shy and unconventional, you will try your hardest to fit in but fail… spectacularly! People’s criticism and doubts will be hard, it’ll make you question your dreams. You will fail more than you will succeed.
But, spoiler alert, it’s all going to be worth it…”

He insisted that being himself would eventually pay off as it will turn out to be his greatest strength, and he advised his younger self to not let the expectations of the world turn into his inhibitions.

He asserted,

“Always be true, always be you!”

The actor also made the note more fun by adding his signature wit and dry humour as he asked his younger self to do one thing that he kind of maybe lacks behind in a little.

Ajay said,

“P.S. Learn how to dance it’ll help you in the long run.”

He signed off referring to himself now as an “older, wiser & better looking you.” I might not agree with the first part as Ajay still shows the agility and enthusiasm of a 20-year-old, but he is indeed wiser, and as for his looks, they have always been to die for. I might give him the credit that his dressing sense has probably improved considering the fashion of the ’90s, but rest assured, he has always been an inspiration and till date, continues to be so.