Ranveer Singh : ‘Simmba 2 Will Definitely Happen’

Ranveer Singh : ‘Simmba 2 Will Definitely Happen’

Ankita Kanabar

I’m so thrilled and find it commendable that Rohit Shetty is walking on the lines of Hollywood biggies like the Marvel Universe and creating his own cop universe. It was also a first that he got three big Bollywood heroes together in Sooryavanshi. That perhaps, has set the tone for many reported re-unions to follow.

While the announcement of Singham 3 in Sooryavanshi has left me excited, Ranveer Singh now reportedly confirms the sequel to Simmba in an interview with BollywoodLife

Here’s what Ranveer has stated,

“God willing it'll definitely happen. It was always intended to become a franchise and I think whenever Rohit sir wants to make Simmba 2, I'll be game because Simmba is my favourite character to play. He's so mischievous, so bratty, he has these wisecracks, one-liners and plays to the gallery. He is so flamboyant, endearing and so tough at the same time. I love being Simmba. It's that mass genre, you know, it's like after having sushi around the world, you need to have dal chaawal (rice and dal) at home – it's like dal roti tadke ke saath (dal and roti with a bit of tadka). I will be ecstatic for Simmba 2, like I said, it was always intended to be a franchise. We can all hope that it happens sooner rather than later.”

However, before that happens, Shetty and Singh are completing Cirkus. Reportedly, Singh has also confirmed in an interview with Etimes that he is set to do 5 biopics which are all at different stages and it’s better to wait and give time for them to develop.

I so agree with Ranveer that Simmba is such a cool, flamboyant character who can also tickle the funny bone while being a tough cop. Clearly, I can’t wait to see him back!