My mother always taught me that one should never show up empty-handed to anyone’s home. It doesn’t have to be something over the top, just something thoughtful and meaningful to show your appreciation for being hosted in someone’s home.  It could be some home-cooked food, a bottle of wine, a good book. And for those of you who don’t have the time to think of a very personal gift, scroll on for my helpful list of items that I’m sure anyone would be grateful to have in their home.

Moving into a new home can be stressful and it means a huge investment of money. A lot of the time, most people will invest in the big-ticket items that are a must-have to run one’s home. If you are close to the people inviting you over, it’s always nice to ask them what they need and then try and look around for it. Or you could even opt for gift cards because everyone benefits from this. And if they insist you shouldn’t bring anything then it’s up to your choice.

Here’s are 9 housewarming presents that will make you want to keep them for yourself:

1) Cooking Pot

The perfect pot from Nestasia to serve a delicious butter chicken in for Sunday brunch. It doubles up as cookware and serveware and who doesn’t need a versatile item in the kitchen.

2) Serving Platter

An adorable seashell platter from Craftribal that works for any kind of finger food being served. What also works is the neutral colour and how seamlessly it would fit right in with any kind of table decor.

3) A Set Of Canisters

Wood and metal canisters to store coffee, sugar and tea to store all those essential drugs to get one through the day. I really love this set from Ellementry.

4) Glass Vase

A tinted glass vase like this amber and turquoise one from Rosebuck is ideal for cosy corners or coffee tables. They could add fresh flowers or fake ones depending on their choice to liven up and add warmth to their space.

5) Cushion Covers

Black and white minimal and elegant cushion covers from The Lyne Up would add that stylistic appeal to any kind or colour of the couch. The hand-painted fabric adds a personal touch to these covers no?

6) Tea Set

Everyone enjoys a warm beverage and if they don’t they will inevitably entertain someone who does and wouldn’t it be nice for them to be able to pull out this nice swanky full team set from Artisan Lab?

7) Coasters

Evil eye coasters hand-made by local artisans in ivory marble that come with Lapiz Lazuli (a semi-precious stone in blue) and brass inlay work from The Decor Remedy seem like the perfect gift for our superstitious friends. The evil eye is known to ward off evil or negative vibes.

8) Cheese Knives

These vintage cheese knives from Suite Number Eight are sure to make cheese lovers happy, especially so if they live to entertain their friends and family. Cheese platters for the win!

9) Planters

If you’re looking to give a gift with character these ceramic planters from The Orby House would be super cute. You could always add a small plant that doesn’t require too much love and care to those embarking on this new journey. Seems like a wonderful and thoughtful gift to me.

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