Most times people will put their effort into getting the perfect outfit together for an event. What tends to get overlooked in this process is a statement accessory that binds the whole outfit together. You could have the best looking outfit at a party but if your shoes or handbag don’t work in tandem with your outfit the whole look could flat on its face. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if you have a simple but elegant outfit that you feel would work well for an event just opt for stand out accessories. They will definitely help you stand out and could form the basis of a conversation starter too.

And in the event that you choose that OTT outfit you can always pick a standout accessory but opt for smaller sizes or sophisticated, simpler accessories. The reason I love a good clutch is that sometimes my shoes get hidden under my clothes and it’s always nice to have a lil something that allows you to carry all your essentials for the night. Scroll on to see some of our favourite clutches that we think would work like a charm for your next big night out!

Here are 7 clutches that will totally make you dazzle and look party-ready:

1) Love To Bag

A versatile potli bag that can be easily styled with western and Indian wear is every woman’s dream come true. Including the fact that this item melds together different coloured metallic sequins effortlessly. The most common myths of mixing golds with silvers gets busted with this glamourous accessory.

2) Oceana Clutches

A bag that looks like candy and is sassy like you, what more could you want from your tiny bag? This bite-sized boxy tote features a golden metal knob and a smooth ball handle. While it doesn’t look big enough to fit a phone the brand can customise this item to your specifications. Gotta love a little bit of quirk mixed with romantic colours and materials.

3) Wicker Weaves

For the off-beat outfit, when you don’t want your accessory to be screaming look at me but you also want a unique eye-catching item. This woven bag is handmade with a little velvet pouch that sits inside the bucket shape with a drawstring closure to hold all your essentials. The gold hoop links around the bucket add subtle hints of glam and would work well if paired with a pantsuit or short dress.

4) The Right Sided

A clutch that looks like it leapt straight out of someone’s dream, this crystal minaudière is the perfect accessory for a saree or an Indian outfit especially if you’re looking to channel old Bollywood glam. The crystals and pearls you see on the bag are hand-embroidered, but what really makes this bag special is the waterfall effect of the dangling pearls.

5) Be Chic By Sneh Sandhu

A good metal clutch is a must-have and this mandala shape and style look exciting and interesting. The spiral wirework along with the intricate knob add to its appeal. This would look gorgeous paired against sequins, all-black or even jeans and a blazer.

6) Rusaru

Sometimes the goal isn’t to have the most over the top accessory in the room but it is to have the most exquisite one instead. This mother of pearl beauty forms a mosaic of pearlescent beauty and would look fabulous when worn with a gown or even Indianwear.


This batua style clutch with a kiss-lock clasp closure scream vintage and I could just see myself walking around in a flapper dress and this lil clutch as my perfect companion. Strands of pearls highlight the base velvet fabric with a matching embroidered hand strap. This clutch is also another versatile item that would be worth adding to your wardrobe!

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