Instagram Reels has become a part and parcel of our daily life now. There isn't a day we go without scrolling that section, isn't it? Creators make sure that they create such content that keeps us hooked to their feed. Just like how Meghna Kaur has managed to do! Her aesthetically pleasing feed just makes us scroll through her feed till the very end. Speaking about her Reels, she is the 'Kween' of OOTD's and her transition Reels are beyond WOW. Yes, they're that well put so, check 'em out right below.

Check 'em out!

1. Winter fits

This Reel is all things beauty! We love how she enters the frame in one outfit and exits in another. And oh that transition is so smooth that even if watch the Reelon slomo you won't be able to catch it. The lyric, 'You're watching a masterwork' justifies with the Reel so much.

2. New hair, new 'she'

Firstly, we sure do miss Meghna's long hair but we also love how she keeps experimenting with it. Her haircut transition is smoother than her hair as well here, haha! Also, she never fails to maintain her aesthetics with whatever she does, here being the background.

3. Are you ready for it?

Only if we could get ready from our night suits to our outfits this quick, would the world be quicker, haha. Jokes apart, she has managed to do 7 transitions under 15 seconds with a cute surprise at the end. Wait for it or miss out on it, the choice is yours!

4. Vacay mode

This transition of Meghna with her BFF Radhika Seth reminded us of Doremon's 'Anywhere door'! Within seconds they were transported to Maldives, only if this was possible in real life instead of the Reel life. Also, we loved how they went from boujee to chic in seconds.

5. All white

White, whiter, whitest! Each outfit is transitioned so well that we've watched this Reel over 10 times but still can't figure out the number of outfits worn by her. We're just wondering how long she must have taken to shoot this gorgeous and accurate all-white Reel. Kudos Megs.

6. 3D photo trend

Ooo, this trend was one of the most attractive ones back in the day. Shetroublemaker added her fave Indian picks and added them to this audio and on each beat, there was a new outfit. Also. that twirl at the beginning just made us excited to watch this Reel till the end, wouldn't you agree too?

7. Fast fashion

Woah, this transition has taken the game to the next level. She matched her tops with her footwear here and the outcome looks nothing less than a bomb. Megs, we're messaging you soon for some Reel and transition inspo 'cause we're amazed by it.

These were a few Reels on her feed that made us go WOW in no time other than the OOTD's one. On that note, happiest birthday, Meghna. We hope you have a wonderful time with your friends. Sending you lots of love and light on this special day. On a side note, we hope everyone is taking the necessary precautions during this 3rd wave. Stay home, stay safe!