Instagrammers never fail to amaze us with the fun and interesting trends that they come up with, every single day. Each day we see a new trend that’s even more fun than the previous one. The latest trend that has got us hooked is this amazing Reel trend that is called the #NationalityChallenge. This one is a super cool trend that is taking over the ‘gram for all the right reasons. It’s a trend wherein you add your face using the FacePlay app in an already curated video and there you go, you have your super fun video ready! Here are some of our fave creators that have hopped on this trend and we are already obsessed with them. Scroll on to know more.

Here you go…

1. Sameeksha Sud

Ngl, we absolutely lovee how Sameeksha’s totes nailing every nationality in this one! It’s mesmerizing how every nationality suits her. The Arab look has defo left us giving major princess Jasmine vibes.

2. Nagma Mirajkar

It’s beautiful how this trend is bringing forward so many different nationalities, haina? Also, we love the royal feel the Thailand look is giving. We know even you guys will agree with us when we say she looks absolutely gorgeous here.

3. Malini Agarwal

Damn, our #bosslady has totes nailed this trend and we love it. We are especially loving the Romanian look. Omg, it’s such a vibe and she’s killin’ it, haina? Also, can’t we can’t get over the #bossgirl vibe the UK look is giving.

4. Ashi Khanna

Tbh, we can’t choose one look for Ashi. Every nationality makes her look so unique and insanely beautiful that we just can’t seem to get over them. It feels surreal to watch how a person looks so beautiful in all different nationalities.

5. Anam Darbar

Ngl, the Turkey look of Anam defo has our heart! She looks so elegant and graceful in this look and we just can’t take our eyes off her. We have been watching this Reel on a loop but can you really blame us for that!

6. Vishal Pandey

Vishal also hopped on this trend and has left us stunned with the amazing looks in this Reel. Ngl, we are totes crushing over the British look. Needless to say, he has aced all the nationalities like a pro.

So, these creators honestly left our jaws dropping with their incredible looks. It’s an extremely interesting trend and we are looking forward to many more creators taking up this challenge. On a different note, we hope you guys are being safe and getting yourselves vaccinated.