Traveling with your mini-me can be very similar to temporary relocation. You’re
worried you’re going to miss out on something your little one will need and then
you realise there’s just so much you should pack – just to be extra sure.


How do you know when to stop? That extra blanket, that extra pillow, that extra
set of nightclothes and what about the steriliser and the bottles and the food!
Traveling with your toddler is exciting (for everyone around you but you,
sometimes) but can be a painful little adventure too.
So after much deliberation, speaking to a bunch of well-traveled (pre and post
covid) mamas, here is a list of things you probably need to keep in mind while

1. Depending on the location

If you are not planning on camping or staying in the middle of a no-network jungle, you’re probably going to get almost everything (or subs thereof) of what you’ll need from a nearby chemist. So you don’t need to take packets of diapers or extra boxes of those wet wipes. Just pack how much you would need based on your duration.


2. The medicine box

Obviously, this goes without saying, your baby’s medicine essentials, vitamins and
the thermometer is something you can’t forget. That needs to go in first no matter
what or where you are.

3. The Duration + 20% Extra Rule

Let’s not pretend that you’re not going to carry extras. But instead of carrying
extras for triple the days you’re going just pack for a couple of extra days. You’ll
always have the option to wash up.

4. The toys algorithm

How do you know which toys get to accompany you and which ones to leave
behind? It’s best to have a combination of new + comfort. New, because
something new to play with, in a new place, or even in general is exciting (would be
for you too right?) and keeps them occupied. Comfort toys help them jump back
into routines like that favourite book you read to your toddler before they go to


5. The safety net

There is always that one item- the one that we can’t not carry. Is it the
blanket? Or the soft toy or the pillow? That is definitely a necessity, because
without that, we might just have one very cranky baby on our hands.


6. Food

This is an important one. Duh! If your baby is still breastfeeding, don’t forget to carry your pump and some formula (And of course your steriliser). If you’ve got a
toddler carry a few dry snacks that can last up to 2 days. Try to make sure you get
a mix of sweet and salty. Fruits are also a great option to carry along, they make
for an easy, fresh, healthy snack. Also, a great idea to carry their mini cutlery too.


7. Temperature preparation

Do your research mamas. If it’s really hot, carry light cotton clothes and if it’s cold all those winter jackets. However, it’s best practice to always carry a jacket along
even if it’s summer – because with a baby on your hands you literally just never know.


8. Toiletries

It’s best to carry your baby’s toiletries in terms of their shampoos, bath washes,
toothbrush and paste. You want to avoid any random rashes when on vacay.

9. The Label Queen

And for quick access, it’s best to segregate your packing in zip locks or with tiny
labels. Just so you know where everything is and how quickly you can get to it.


10. Not the pretty little bag

Don’t forget to pack your toddler’s things in an adult-sized bag and not the baby
one because honestly, you’re setting yourself up for failure the moment you do.

Of course, it’s easier said than done! We know they don’t really need much except
your love and attention but then we’ve always got to be prepared!

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