I’ve always heard that movies are a reflection of our lives and our lives also get hugely influenced by movies. It’s a cycle. For me, personally, movies aren’t just movies. They stay with me, the emotions stir a string in my heart and years later, the nostalgia of certain movies remain. Which explains why, it’s so refreshing when I see films with a different take on love, emotions, relationships; films that thrive on moments that linger on much after. That impresses me and how! Ever since the Gehraiyaan first look has been out, the internet has been going gaga over it. It seems like a different take on modern relationships, and that made me think about some other movies which were like a breath of fresh air and so ahead of their times.

So, let’s quickly dive into this list of 6 movies which I thought were absolute love with their ‘hatke’ treatment of relationships.

Dil Chahta Hai

Would you even believe that this film released two decades ago? No right? Because, it was so ahead of its time that it looks fresh even today. The simplicity and complexity of friendship that the film captured had never been done before. It was also refreshing to see a film have such casual dialogues which were so meaningful. The film spoke so early on about a young Sid falling for an elderly Tara; and Akash not understanding this love at first. While Akash took time to come to terms with that fact – even years later today, Sid’s love for Tara feels beautiful and the bonding of Akash, Sid and Sameer continues to be #FriendshipGoals.

Let’s reminisce this scene!

2. Kapoor & Sons

This was the first of its kind film I believe, which didn’t really make a gay character caricaturish. One couldn’t figure out till it was revealed that Fawad Khan played a gay character in the film. Not to mention, the acceptance towards this revelation, this family’s internal chaos, conflicts and love – all of it was treated and presented so well by Shakun Batra. Perhaps this is one of the reason’s why I’m looking forward to what Batra brings in with Gehraiyaan.

3. Ki And Ka

Ki And Ka was made to completely break stereotypes around men and women – the fact that women are expected to be home-makers and the men being bread-earners. R. Balki is such a genius and I’m in love with his narrative style. This film was so contemporary and refreshingly different, apart from the fact that the lead actors seemed so honest with their performance. Ki And Ka was really food for thought and a step forward!
Check out this wonderful conversation in this scene here.

4. Wake Up Sid
Carefree Sid who has no goals in life, meets Aisha who is the exact opposite of him – but what the film churned out from that, was just magic! I might never get over the simplicity and beauty of Wake Up Sid. The best part of the film was the pure, organic friendship between Sid and Aisha without trying too hard. 11 years to its release but every youngster even today would relate to this coming-of-age magical film laced with moments that remain etched in my heart!

Watch this scene and tell me, did you get emo or no? I always do.

5. Dil Dhadakne Do

I can’t recollect any other film which dealt with and portrayed the dynamics within a family so honestly on-screen. The fact that Dil Dhadakne Do, showed relationships just as they are – flawed yet beautiful – made it so heartwarming for me. Interestingly, it wasn’t just one sort of relationship that the film highlighted. Rather, it had various layers and all different kinds of relationships within a family to dwell deep into and I just think this one was brilliant.
This scene for instance, was just wow.

6. Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui

A man falling in love with a transgender woman – this has never been shown before on celluloid and kudos to the writers Supratik Sen, Tushar Paranjpe and the entire team for actually bringing up this topic. But that’s not all. The way Abhishek Kapoor has further treated and presented this film is so graceful, bold and beautiful, that it shall be remembered for years to come. While we all knew of Ayushmann Khurrana’s skills as an actor, Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui has been a game-changer for Vaani Kapoor!  

Now that I’ve reminded myself of these films, I’m tempted to go and watch them again. How about you guys?