It was in 2012 that Deepika Padukone rediscovered herself with Cocktail, and every project of hers since then has been a revelation to say the least. I have followed her journey so closely that analyzing all her work has become second nature to me. So, when it was announced that the actress was collaborating with Shakun Batra, a filmmaker whose vision I have always found to be magical and intoxicating for a film on modern relationships, I was in it from the word go. The accompanying cast of Siddhant Chaturvedi, Ananya Panday and Dhairya Karwa just added to that excitement. The teaser of Gehraiyaan that released last month created a lot of intrigue in me, promising an intricate tale of relationships and the trailer of the Karan Johar production, has delivered to it and how.

Before I go on, check out the trailer of Gehraiyaan:

Gauging from the trailer, Gehraiyaan is a story of two couples—Deepika’s Alisha and Dhairya’s Karan, and Ananya’s Tia and Siddhant’s Zain. While Alisha is questioning the monotony and frustration of her relationship with Karan, she is introduced to Tia’s fiancé Zain. There is an instant attraction between the two which leads to a tale of infidelity and I have to admit that Deepika is the star of this show.

Talking about the performances, Dhairya feels like a perfect match for Deepika and he seems to be justifying his part efficiently. For Ananya, it’s a drastic shift from the roles she had done so far, and seeing her portray the rawness and restraint needed for Tia, fills me up with so much pride. Siddhant has gotten out of the shell of MC Sher, and there is a playfulness in his portrayal that seems to be the necessity for Zain. And at last, it’s Deepika who is shining in the trailer. It belongs to her and the way she portrays the range of emotions and expression as Alisha in these few minutes, prove why she is considered a master of her craft. It has just made me much more eager for February 11 as I am sure this will add just another facet to her illustrious filmography.

Shakun’s Kapoor & Sons is hands down my favourite film in Hindi cinema. There is a sense of rawness and reality that he adds in his stories and his locations make for a character for themselves, and it seems the case here as well. The uneasiness in the environment of Gehraiyaan supports the story happening alongside and the lighting and camera work seem to be elevating it.

Gehraiyaan is slated to release on February 11, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video, and after watching this goosebump-inducing trailer, it seems like too long a wait. The collaboration of Shakun and Deepika will be one to watch out for and after watching this trailer, I am just waiting for the film to start streaming as this is a ride I can’t wait to embark upon.