Exclusive: Laal Singh Chaddha Versus KGF 2; Trade Experts Say It's Going To Be A Tough Fight

Exclusive: Laal Singh Chaddha Versus KGF 2; Trade Experts Say It's Going To Be A Tough Fight

Ankita Kanabar

It's now been officially confirmed that Laal Singh Chaddha will be releasing on April 14, 2022. Check this announcement.

So, this Aamir Khan starrer will now clash with the second chapter of KGF which is being awaited ever since the first part released. The appreciation it received has made people damn curious about it. We spoke to a few trade people regarding this clash and here's what they have to say.

Taran Adarsh opines,

Earlier we used to say more the merrier and talk about the Lagaan-Gaddar clash. But in today's times, the stakes are so high and the audience gets divided. It's going to be a tough fight. Let's see who blinks first, if at all they blink. Having said that, I feel it's not healthy to release two films in one week, unless it's a special week. If you ask me, KGF had announced it first and then Aamir came on the date. So, in terms of the dates, it's KGF which is right. Of course, it's a democracy and you can't tell people to not release a film on your date. Let's hope both the films do well if they release together but it would be better if one of them shifts the date.

But the clash is inevitable and everyone is similarly opinionated on this.

Trade analyst Amul V. Mohan says,

"Laal Singh Chaddha was to originally release on the valentine's day weekend and then they subsequently moved it. I feel that given the current scenario around Covid and everything else, dates are going to change. Even these dates might change because there's obviously a backlog of films which were supposed to release early on, which are not going to now. We haven't had a release in January or on December 31 as well so there's a bit of a gap right now. And because of this gap, many big releases will be announced now. Plus it's a good Friday and a big weekend. While they might still consider coming together, but a big holiday will definitely play a key aspect in that decision.

But some also feel that this will be good for the industry. Perhaps, if both are good, both the films will do well.

Film Distributor Rajesh Thadani feels,

"Obviously, it would affect the business of both but I'm hoping that things should be normal and theatres should be allowed 100 percent occupancy. I don't see much of an issue in that case. Because of the delay of film releases due to Covid, two films are bound to collide now. It's not the first time it's going to happen; it will keep happening but if both are good then they will survive. It will definitely cut into each other's business but for our industry it's good. There's no harm in that but both will affect each other and whichever is good, will work."

Komal Nahta believes not much can be done about this.

He says,

Everyone hopes that by April 14, Covid will be a thing of the past. But otherwise films are bound to clash, you can't do much about that right now.