6 Conversations Every Mom & Daughter Should Have

6 Conversations Every Mom & Daughter Should Have

Suruchi Patwary

The bond between a mother and her daughter is the sweetest and the strongest of all parent-child bonds. Mothers are their daughters' role models, biological and emotional road maps, their closest ally within the family confederacy and therefore the arbiter of all their interactions. One of the best things the duo can do to keep building a strong relationship is to possess conversations that don’t just revolve around assessing how each other is doing or dealing with a task but that build levels of understanding between them.

And so, we got in touch with Dr Malini Saba, a psychologist, an ardent philanthropist, a single mother, fitness enthusiast, author, passionate culinarian, human & social rights activist and a global advocate for women and girls to understand what are some of the most important conversations a mother-daughter duo should have. She suggested 6 such topics and we think they just make total sense!

1. Self Love

A mother and daughter should explain to each other the importance of self-love and how it has the ability to change relationships with friends and family. They should talk about how to accept their emotions for what they are and put their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being first.

2. Importance Of Being Independent

Talk to each other on how to being in control of their lives and choices and to have the courage to follow their heart and intuition. They must think for themselves, learn how to make the best decisions, taking responsibility for their own lives and be a good supporter for anyone else wanting to reach their goals.

3. Discover Your Inner Super-Women Defense


A duo should encourage each other to get trained in self-defense skills and discover their inner super-woman. The self-defense skill provides physical as well as mental development and could be a fantastic workout to remain in great shape, become more self-confident and self-aware, and to learn the way to defend yourself in any situation.

4. The Elusive Grooming Time

Within the pursuit to manage relationships, family and work women often neglect to pay attention to grooming. A daughter must make her mother do makeup and introduce her to the trending things. A mother should teach her daughter to try and do skincare, hair grooming, dress as per the occasion etc.

5. Improve Mental Health


Various life events and hormonal changes can affect a mother and daughter's psychological state. They should help each other to search out practical ways to look after their mental health and make each other aware of why seeking help from an expert is a sign of strength and not a weakness.

6. Failure Is An Option

We tend to share our success stories and conceal the ones with failures. A mother, during the course of her life, goes through so much but only shares the good parts with her children; don’t the children deserve the story? A mother should share stories of failure and successes with her daughter for her to understand the woman behind that mother figure. Such stories will help the daughter to get comfortable with her failures when people set unrealistic standards for her.

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