Bigg Boss 15 contestant Umar Riaz‘s eviction from the show has become a hot topic in the nation. And it is not just fans, but lots of other TV celebrities who have been calling this decision of the makers unfair. In fact, it was also said that Umar would be brought back in the show on public demand, but that did not happen. However, the surgeon-turned-actor has become a winner in the public eye and that’s what seems to make him happy.

Recently, I got into a conversation with Umar Riaz where we spoke about his journey on Bigg Boss 15, his eviction, and a lot more.

Check out his interview here:

Talking about the love he received from the audience, Umar said,

The response has been overwhelming, I feel blessed to have been loved by so many people. Seeing the response on social media just makes me happy and delighted. It has been a hell of a ride, a lot has happened. I always had this fear that I might come out early or some side of my personality was not shown.

While on his last Weekend Ka Vaar, choreographer Geeta Kapur said that aggression was his inherent nature, Umar looked quite upset with the remark. He revealed how this eviction and being tagged as aggressive impacted him on a personal level.

He said,

Initially, when I came out and I was sitting in the car, I was thinking I will be so trolled in the media now. I won’t be able to work in Mumbai because I was tagged as a violent doctor, aggressive and all. I thought my time in Mumbai is done and my whole life I will be trolled. But then when I saw the response, especially so many celebrities calling it unfair, it felt good.

When asked if also felt the decision was unfair, Umar said…

Earlier when I was told that the audience didn’t want me to stay in the house, I was okay. But later when I was told that the voting was on my side, then I felt disappointed and thought it was unfair. I have given so much to this show, they should have kept me, I deserved to be in the top 5.

On his plans ahead, Umar revealed how he wants to make a career in the entertainment business.

He says,

You will see me working in the Hindi entertainment industry soon. I have offers coming in and surely things are going to happen.

Well, Umar did win a lot of hearts with his game on the show and I am sure that professionally, he will go places from here.