Why You Should Focus On Super Plates Instead Of Super Foods

Why You Should Focus On Super Plates Instead Of Super Foods

Suruchi Patwary

As we welcome another new year, all of us have got resolutions on our minds. Healthy and mindful eating are topping the lists of many. However, even with our hearts in the right place, we often miss out on some or the other integral element without which our meals are not complete. Again, there is always too much confusion regarding what an ideal plate of food should look like.

We got in touch with Shriya Naheta Wadhwa who is a visionary entrepreneur, a health coach and a food enthusiast to understand what are super plates and why the shift of focus from superfoods to super plates is necessary. She founded Zama Organics in 2016 with an aim to make organic food such as vegetables, fruits, condiments, grains, spices, among others available to the people of India at the click of a button and delivered to their doorstep.

Here's what Shriya had to say,

Before we get into what items make your plate a super one, let's look at the myriad benefits a healthy diet has to offer. For a healthy diet, the key is ‘balance’, which does not necessarily involve fancy or exotic ingredients. One can have a wholesome meal by simply using vegetables, grains, pulses and cereals that are readily available at your home. The goal of every meal should not be about meeting calorie counts or portion sizes but to eating a nutritious meal that leaves one happy and satiated. Consuming more or fewer calories can have detrimental impacts. It is imperative to understand your body's needs, find ways to incorporate flavours you like and most importantly enjoy your meal!

What is a super plate, and how does it contribute to a healthy diet?

In simple terms, a super plate is primarily a wholesome, well-balanced meal containing all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It includes a precise mix of whole grains, proteins, fruit and vegetables, healthy fats, oils and water. Every item on the plate is measured. For a super plate to be purely beneficial, both the quantity and quality of the items you consume are crucial factors.

It is a touted way to walk towards a healthy diet. It puts you in the habit of mindful eating. Since a super plate ensures that not a single need of your body is compromised, it automatically covers the healthy eating aspect of your lifestyle. Further, it provides all the necessary nourishment daily. Many times, when people follow a specific diet, it offers them the required nutrients but spreads it across different meals. For instance, your breakfast can be rich in calcium, lunch packed with protein, and dinner providing sufficient fibres. A super plate, on the other hand, offers all the required elements in the right quantity with each meal. It will not be wrong to say that a super plate is a super way to adopt healthy eating.

What are the benefits of a super plate?

There are several advantages of super plates for starters, it makes you feel great and pumps you with energy. A super plate is good for your mind, body and soul and has a positive impact on your mood too! For those having a hectic schedule, a super plate is a trusted way to keep fatigue and tiredness at bay. With a well-proportioned diet, you can boost your immune system, thereby reducing the risks of many diseases and infections. For kids, a super plate is a way to achieve improved memory power. Finally, if you are already facing health issues like diabetes, do not wait and switch to a super plate.

Super Plate (Source: Instagram | @nupur_patwari)
Super Plate

How can one put together a super plate at home?

The best part about the concept of super plates is that it is very easy to create one. You do not have to worry about any fancy or new-age heavily marketed products or ingredients. A super plate is a very homely idea. On several occasions, your mother or grandmother must have served you a plate full of balanced nutrients, and you did not even notice; while they put together a super plate.

For us Indians, creating a super plate is child’s play. You can include elements like vegetables cooked in ghee, two whole wheat chapatis, a warm bowl of dal, freshly chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes on the side, and buttermilk. Doesn’t this meal sound similar to many of your other ones in the past? Well, that is the beauty of super plates. It puts you on the track to wholesome eating without completely altering your usual diet. Many of us have already been seasoned ‘super players without even knowing it!

With all of this information, are you ready to put together a super plate? However, you must note that simply healthy eating will not help you achieve your health goals. For maximum benefits, you must combine it with consistent exercise and enough sleep. With a perfect blend of these three practices, you will be giving yourself the best gift one can ever receive!

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