Instagram has become our go-to platform for everything now, whether it’s for news or entertainment. Similarly, anything that’s new and catchy starts trending and everyone gets hooked to it. Just like how currently everyone has been obsessing over the song Mon Soleil from the show ‘Emily In Paris‘. That song is so chic and sassy that we can’t help but save it to our faves. Also, many creators have recreated outfits with their own twists so get ready to get all ‘Franc-y’ with us, hehe.

Scroll down ‘Louv-re‘!

1. Sonal Agrawal

Woah, if you look at this Reel you’d probably have the same reaction as us. The first outfit has the beret cap which defo gives the ‘Emily in Paris’ vibe, isn’t it? Her bold attire makes her look no less than a #BossBabe.

2. Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa

We love how Tanya has given a complete creative twist to this. Her Reel shows, what would she wear if she was in Emily in Paris and her outfits are super chic and cute. She is defo the Indian Emily for all of us.

3. Aryaki Joon

This Reel is just so aesthetically pleasing that we can’t help but watch it on loop to satisfy our inner self, haha. The textual visuals that she’s added are just so chic and sassy! We’re defo gushing over her looks ‘cause who doesn’t love neutrals?

4. Dikshita Jindal

Dikshita’s makeup content has already stunned us and how! There hasn’t been a piece of content that we’ve not loved. The effort and hard work she puts in can defo be seen. This Reel too is just so ‘pink-tastic‘ that on a scale of 1 to 10 it’s beyond 10.

5. Chahat Tandon

Wow, this Reel is quite different and creative in its own way. Chahat wore stylish outfits according to the different scenarios that took place in the show. Example: while meeting Gabriel, Alfie, Silvi, etc. If there was an Indian version of Emily In Paris, she would have been a perf fit for Emily, right?

6. Hanna Khan

We love the amount of hard work and perfection Hanna has put in while making this Reel. She has recreated all the female character looks from the show and the result is bomb! Right from the headgear to the footwear she’s matched it all so damn perfectly.

7. Pranali Mistry

We have to say that we loved how Emily looked in the show but what we loved, even more, is the way Pranali recreated Emily’s hair look in this Reel. She has given a step-by-step guide for all of us to accurately make the same hairstyle. We have already saved it for future inspo, have you?

We loved how each of them have used creative content ideas on this trending audio. They never fail to impress us with their Reel concepts and we’re all eyes for it. Hope you enjoyed virtually traveling to Paris through these Reels. On a side note, we hope you’re staying home and safe. Until then, au revoir!