8 Reasons Why You Should Add Hemp Seed Oil To Your Beauty Routine

8 Reasons Why You Should Add Hemp Seed Oil To Your Beauty Routine

Suruchi Patwary

Emerging from the shadows of its psychoactive cousins, the last few years have seen Hemp rise to become a darling of functional food, a sustainable textile choice, and an overall wellness elixir. Amongst the most precious seeds from the bountiful Himalayas, the use of Hemp Seeds dates back to 2000 BCE. The herb features in the top five sacred herbs of Ayurveda, and modern science notes Hemp as a cleanser, surfactant, emollient, and skin conditioner.

The intrinsic curiosity and interest among the consumers about the ingredient have enabled the journey of discovering the beauty and wellness solutions featuring Hemp. However, the most fascinating and accelerated appearance of the intriguing element is on the contemporary woman’s vanity.

Dr Ipsita Chatterjee, Ayurveda Expert and Technical Head at luxury Ayurveda Beauty and Wellness brand, SoulTree, shares eight reasons why you should add Hemp Seed Oil to your beauty ritual too!


1. Non-Comedogenic

With a comedogenic rating of zero, Hemp Seed Oil provides the ideal nourishment for skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts, even for combination to oily skin types. If you’re someone who has put off facial massages due to fear of aggravating acne, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon with Hemp facial oil.

2. Rich In Nourishment

The only plant-based oil with the golden ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 (3:1) and the rare Gamma-Linolenic Acid, Hemp seed oil acts as the ideal skin barrier. It improves the texture and appearance of the skin. Vital amino acids nourish skin, restore visible damage, strengthen skin surface. These characteristics make the oil incredibly nourishing while encouraging skin metamorphosis and new cell generation.

3. Suitable For All Skin Types

A calming panacea for all skin types, Hemp seed oil offers different benefits for varied skin conditions. For oily to combination skin, it regulates oil production with its sublime moisturisation. For dry to normal skin types, it provides skin deep, healing hydration. Medically, Hemp seed oil is seen as balanced nutrition that equally treats and heals acne-prone, dry, rosacea-prone and sensitive skin.

4. Anti Ageing

Not only does the therapeutic moisturisation of Hemp reduce the appearance of fine lines, but regular use can also arrest signs of ageing to unveil youthful radiance. Scientifically speaking, the Linoleic Acid and Oleic Acid in Hemp seed oil plays a crucial role in anti-ageing and skin health but cannot be produced by the human body, making the potions of Hemp a must-have.


5. Tip To Toe Application

The veritable over-achiever, Hemp seed oil has countless head-to-toe applications. When used topically on the skin, it moderates oil production, moisturises and soothes inflammation, treats atopic dermatitis and more. When used on the scalp and hair, it lends it deep moisturisation, stimulates hair growth, strengthens the scalp and roots and strengthens hair.

6. Anti Inflammatory

Owing to its unique nutritional composition, Hemp seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe irritated skin and lend a therapeutic effect on application. It soothes the aggravation of acne-prone skin while protecting it from environmental stressors and pollutants.

7. Celebrated In Ayurveda

In Ayurvedic medication, the Hemp seed oil is particularly beneficial for Vata (the elements of space and air) and helps balance Pitta (the elements of fire and water). One can find mentions of Hemp woven into all notable Ayurvedic texts, like Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Shargandhara Samhita. The validation of a 5000-year-old science, speaks volumes of the safety and non-toxicity of this precious oil.

8. Sustainable

The humble Hemp grows vociferously in ideal conditions, making sustainable cultivation a breeze. The tuberous structure of Hemp’s roots makes it an extremely water-efficient crop. Furthermore, the nature of these roots to penetrate the earth far and wide in search of water aerates the soil, making it more fertile for the subsequent crops. The natural qualities of the crop make it resilient towards pests and insects, rendering the use of chemicals in farming unnecessary and the cultivation a win-win.

With its plethora of benefits, Hemp seed oil fights stress, free radicals and the signs of ageing, all while unfolding higher skin elasticity, deep nourishment, repair and rejuvenation. A genuinely supreme oil, only a few ingredients stand the test of sciences as varied as Ayurveda and modern medicine as Hemp.

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