We love how Instagram has given a platform to all dancers and performers to put their best foot forward and showcase their talent to the world. Elina Hsiung is one such dancer who’s absolutely winning it on the ‘gram with her powerful and energetic dance moves. In fact, her magnetic dancing Reels will get your feet tapping too. Tbh, we’re fully fidda over her moves and we’re sure that you also won’t be able to stop yourselves from swaying a bit once you see her dancing like the queen she is. Now, shimmy shimmy your way through her dance Reels, hehe.

Let’s ‘Shake It Like Shammi’ then?

1. Teri Baaton

Ah, the setting of this video and Elina’s dance moves are truly fire and we love how she’s having so much fun with this choreography. We can’t help but say, ‘tere dance mein aisa uljha jiya, baithe hi baithe humne dil kho diya‘, post watching this, hehe.

2. Tip Tip

Elina dancing to the beats of the iconic song, ‘Tip Tip Barsaa Paani’ really needs a full-fledged music video of its own, haina? She looks no less than a Bollywood queen in that black saree and those moves are simply too good. Just like Anu Malik says, ‘aag laga daali’ for real, haha.

3. Nasty Girl

Woah, Elina vibing to the ‘Nasty Girl’ song has really taken our breath away and we love how she sways so smoothly and nails it every time. Also, looks like she’s burning the dance floor at the Atrangz studio and now we can’t wait to see a collab between all these fab dancers.

4. Najaa

Even though she is dancing on the song ‘Najaa’, we can’t help but sing, ‘this girl is on fireee‘ for Elina. Her energy and moves are really magnetic and we can’t help but do a lil’ dancy dance with her too. We’re sure that Terence Lewis sir would probably say that this is a ‘chumeshwari’ performance.

5. Walk It Out

Needless to say, Elina nailed the ‘walk it out‘ dance challenge and how! Her powerful moves have really filled us up with a lot of energy and we are in love with her fierce personality as a dancer. She truly owns the dance floor like a legit queen.

6. Tauba Tumhare Yeh Ishaare

Well, once again we can’t help but sing, ‘hum toh deewane hai tumhare‘ now, hahah. We love how Elina got her outfit changed right just like how it is in those Bollywood movies! Tbh, we can totally see her killing it in a dance movie. It will surely be a rocking one, haina?

7. Woman

She even hopped on the ‘woman‘ dance trend on Doja Cat’s voice and aced it like a pro. We gotta learn how to eat the bread and leave no crumbs from this girl right here, hehe. She truly is a star when it comes to dancing and we’re totes in love.  

Well, by now even we are all pumped up to join a dance class right away and learn how to burn the dance floor with our moves much like Elina, hehe. On another note, we hope y’all are vaccinated and staying safe.