Exclusive! Iulia Vantur: 'Many A Times I Felt Like Giving Up, But People Like Himesh Reshammiya And Salman Khan Believed In Me'

Exclusive! Iulia Vantur: 'Many A Times I Felt Like Giving Up, But People Like Himesh Reshammiya And Salman Khan Believed In Me'

Ankita Kanabar

Iulia Vantur has come a long way and completely wooed us with her voice in many songs but I feel that she's completely taken the bar a notch higher with Main Chala with Guru Randhawa where she's even sung in Punjabi. The single which sees Salman Khan and Pragya Jaiswal is being loved and the singer is grateful for the appreciation.

Talking about Main Chala, Iulia says,

"I’m happy people are liking it and I was able to convey the emotions which the music composer thought of. That’s the most important. I love the song. Before I understood the lyrics, I just felt the song. I sang it the way it resonated to my heart. When I understood the lyrics, I understood it better and it helped to convey the song better. When you feel something, you are able to convey it, no matter the language. I'm really grateful that I could collaborate with Guru on this one and feel blessed to have Salman and Pragya in the song."

Interestingly, she's really gotten well-acquainted with Hindi while singing and believes that adapting to the Indian culture and music has taught her more about her own self. Ask her to give more insight into that and she expresses,

"Through music you can understand the culture of a nation much better. You can understand how people are thinking and feeling and what are their values. I feel blessed that I had a chance through music to learn so much about India and that made it easier for me to adapt."

But it wasn't easy for her to pursue her passion and dreams. There have been setbacks and disappointments for the singer but she's gotten past that now.

Talking about her not-so-easy journey, Iulia added,

You have to face yourself and limitations and find strength to move forward. Many people were not encouraging me to pursue this. Many a times I was disappointed and felt like I should give up even though I love music, but at the same time there were people encouraging me and believed in me. I’m talking about Himesh Reshammiya who trusted me to have my first single, then Mika Singh who took me to his music tour; Guru Randhawa who sang this song with me, and Salman of course, who always encouraged me and gave me the confidence that I should do it. I think it happens with everyone in each field. You have moments when you feel like giving up or you’re not good enough but the most important are those moments when you get back your strength and do it. I do it for the joy I get and the joy I see in other’s eyes when they interact with my music. If I manage to make one person happy, means I’ve done something beautiful. It’s worth doing it for yourself. Now I’m convinced I should not give up on this passion.

I must say, those are some golden words of motivation for a lot of people who are willing to pursue their passion. While I've loved Main Chala, I hope to get to hear more of Iulia sing from here on.