What makes Instagram special is the fact that it gives exposure to content of different types. Each creator has a unique selling point towards which its users are attracted. Similarly, this famous father-daughter duo, Pablo and Veronica have caught our attention and made us fall in love with their dancing Reels. Lately, they were the new viral sensation on the ‘gram and their cutesy Reels just kept us hooked to Pablo’s feed. Well then scroll down to get your feet tapping too!

Dance your way…

1. Love Nwantiti

Firstly, this was one of their Reels that had gone viral and had caught everyone’s attention. Secondly, the kiss right before they start the dance purely shows their oh-so-amazing relationship. And OMG looks like Veronica is a pro dancer. She coordinated so perfectly with her dad.

2. Christmas Ready

Pablo posted this Reel during Christmas last year and what made us go WOW is the way they pulled off the stunt together at the end. The Christmas caps and decor at the back defo added that extra touch to the Reel. Also, we can’t stop praising them as they’re synchronizing right on point!

3. Infinity The Trend

Many creators have used such unique equipment while making this trend that we cannot stop but spend hours watching Reels. Just like everyone, even they jumped on the Infinity trend and the second half of this Reel is a complete ‘freak out’, haha. And that extra tint of red is totally adding to the vibe!

4. Leave The Door Open

If you noticed, this Reel is a lil‘ different from the rest of their Reels. If not, let us tell you that they didn’t use the mirror to record and dance instead, they went for direct selfie mode. And the lil‘ one’s expression on this one is to die for! She’s defo born to dance. Also, let’s not forget all the love she’s radiating through those Korean hearts. <3

5. Bijlee Bijlee

They never fail to pick up the best songs to dance on! This famous Hindi song was turned into a dance trend by all the ‘grammers and they too had to jump on it ‘cause of its peppy beats. We love how Pablo is imitating Veronica and she doesn’t look less than a Chindrealla here. Sending love all the way from India to them.

6. Best Friends

This is the perfect song for the kind of relationship this father-daughter duo shares. Arent they twinning and winning at it amazingly? Also, we love how simple yet catchy their steps are, it really got us grooving on this one. Brb, messaging my BFF to hop on this dance Reel.

They have literally made us smile all through this time and we hope they keep dancing and swinging their way, just like they did to bring in 2022. A reminder that we’ve realized by watching their Reels is to never miss a chance to dance! On that note, we hope all of you had a great New Year. Stay safe and stay vaccinated.