2021 was quite an eventful year for beauty, no? We saw the advent of statement eyes, sleek hairstyles and dramatic blushes. It was a year where individuals weren’t afraid of experimenting with beauty. This applies to our favourite celebrities too! We’re always looking for some beauty inspiration from em’. I know I always am. My Instagram search history is a perfect testament to that fact.

Whether it was glamorous red carpets or lavish weddings, they didn’t fail to impress us with some breathtaking makeup looks. Some kept it low-key with a fresh base and flushed cheeks while the others went all out with graphic eyes and loud lips. Us? We loved it all, so naturally, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite celebrity makeup looks from 2021.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Our very own desi girl who has been dominating Hollywood just as well as she dominated Bollywood sported this iconic beauty look. Her luscious lips were graced with a bold red lipstick that seamlessly matched her outfit. How could one miss that sharp contour too? The white gold-toned highlighter adds an oomph factor to a classic makeup look like this. PeeCee truly shows us how to own a daring red lip.

Gigi Hadid

Trust Gigi Hadid to spark a summery trend that took us all by storm. A pop of colour on the inner eyes is a refreshing switch from your usual vibrant, dramatic flicks. A wash of brick brown over her lids is accentuated by a bright pop of mango orange that brings out the colour in her eyes. A soft and nude brown lipstick allows all the attention to remain on the eyes. This playful look is perfect for a brunch date, especially when it’s summer.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone has been all over my beauty mood board when I’m feeling the whole minimalist makeup vibe, you know? However, off-late she’s been sporting statement eye looks that are so mesmerising. This subtle graphic eyeliner is the perfect epitome of that. A classic winged eyeliner with a parallel flick right below it adds a dramatic feel to her look. Deepika’s mauve, rosy lips complement her soft contour quite well, don’t you think so? I can’t wait to recreate this look whenever I head out for dinner next.

Dua Lipa

It’s no secret that we saw the resurgence of all things Y2K in 2021 and frosted lids made a smashing comeback along with it. Dua Lipa washed her lids with some shiny, dazzling glitter to match her sparkling outfit. Perfect for those days when you’re looking to take things up a notch. Hues of pastel blue, lilac and silver are all you need to ace this particular makeup look.

Malaika Arora

If we had to visualise glamour, it would defo be this stunning makeup look sported by Malaika Arora. Teaching us how all that glitters is always golden, Malaika’s scintillating golden eyes are the talk of the town. By intensifying them with some kohl, a heavy definition can be added to them. Now, would it really be a glamorous makeup look without a blinding highlighter that’s swept across the cheekbones and the brow bone? An orange-toned red lip is the perfect finishing touch to Malaika’s ultra-glam look.

Jennifer Lopez

The reigning queen of all things bronze, Jennifer Lopez owns this makeup look fo’sho. She’s sporting a gold-toned smokey eye with accents of brown and her waterline is further enhanced with some brown eyeshadow to deepen the intensity of her eyes a tad bit. Now, no JLo makeup look is complete without her signature snatched contour that sculpts her face like a dream. Dominated by browns, her lips have been lined with a classic brown and filled in with a fleshy nude lippie. This one has been in my saved folder for far too long.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif’s bridal beauty look has got to be one of our favourite ones from 2021. Opting for the road less travelled by when it comes to bridal makeup, she kept it subdued and soft. Eyes that were outlined with kohl stole the show along with her muted lips that seamlessly complemented her striking red outfit. Katrina’s cheeks had a light flush of colour to imbibe a romantically dreamy vibe and we instantly fell in love.

Kim Kardashian

There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian’s legendary makeup looks often end up breaking the internet. So you could imagine how difficult it was for us to pick out just one look that we loved. This graphic eyeshadow isn’t just super easy to recreate but it’s also something that goes well with every outfit you sashay. The elongated wing adds some drama to the eye, no? Nothing makes your pout appear juicier than a classic 90s supermodel lip in brown hues.

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