As always Instagrammers are back with another trend that has taken over the ‘gram. This time it’s on the trending track ‘Doobey‘ by @oaffmusic. Honestly, the song is super addictive and has managed to top the charts in just a few days of its release. Ngl, it has been on loop on our playlist too, hehe. In fact, Creators have also hopped on this trend and made so many different yet beautiful Reels on it, giving the song a very versatile vibe. Well, here is a list of some of our faves that had us hooked to our feeds. Scroll on to know more.

Check ’em out!

1. Nagma Mirajkar

This Reel of Nagma with her ‘Atrangi‘ gang is all things wholesome and we’re totes gushing over how cute they all look here. We love how this video shows their bond with each other and makes us love them even more than we already do.

2. Aashna Hegde

Talking about friends, a girl is incomplete without her girl gang, haina? Also, agreeing with what Aashna said, a girl sure does glow differently when surrounded by strong and beautiful women who make her feel good for who she is!

3. @justjanvi

Ngl, it feels so good to watch creators use this track to share their precious and beautiful memories with their favorite things. Every video we watch is making us wanna apply a virtual kaala teeka to these cuties, hehe.

4. Anmol Sachar

Giving this trend a completely different perspective, Anmol has defo managed to have us all laughing out loud, amirite? Sometimes we really wonder how does he even come up with all these fun ideas. Tbh, this one has hit us right in the feels.

5. Aastha Shah

A weekend getaway with friends can never go wrong and this Reel is a proof of the same. Spending some quality time with our friends is always so refreshing and fills one with so much positivity and zeal, haina? Brb, gonna go plan a getaway right now, hehe.

6. Muskan Roy

We truly love how this one focuses on self-love. Spending some alone time doing the things that we love the most is something we never really pay much attention to but it sure is something we all should be doing, right?

Well, every Reel on this audio is super cute and we love them all. The song has really struck a chord with us all, haina? On a side note, we hope you’re vaccinated and staying safe.