Instagram trends have become a part and parcel of our lives. Tell me is there even a single a day you go without watching Reels which include trends, there isn’t any right? The best part about trends is that people always remember them even after they die down. Similarly, in the past month, a few viral trends blew up on the ‘gram and caught everyone’s attention. Scroll down to find out which are these trends and if you’ve made your Reels on them or not.


1. Pope is a rockstar

This is a super motivational trend. We wish all Instagram trends were this motivational, hehe. Aashna Bagwani just like always is spreading positivity through her content and she never misses to jump on trends. In this Reel, she talks about body positivity and self-worth and we think you should defo watch it for your daily dose of motivation.

2. In 2022, I should

This trend really showed us the prompt reactions of creators and it was hilarious. The trendsetters, Nagma and Awez took up this trend and their conversation to the answer that they got was super surprising. We know Awez is a prankster but actually shaving off his eyebrows would be next-level madness, isn’t it?

3. ‘You‘ by Armaan Malik

This is honestly such a soothing song and we can’t thank Armaan enough for bringing this song to our lives. This trend has filled Instagram with all things ‘aww-dorable’. All the doggo lovers, you cannot miss watching this Reel. All you have to do is a small signature step and show all the things that make you happy. For Tarini Shah it’s her besties’ doggos.

4. Desi Girl

Knock Knock, have you seen our Desi Girl? We surely have! Ashi Khanna is a pro at making transition Reels and we’re all eyes for it. Her drop-dead-gorgeous all-white outfit has literally left our mouth wide open. Her poses and thumkas has mentally transported us to the OG song.

5. Vintage Trend

Woah, this trend really makes us go back in time. The thing about vintage is that it never gets out of fashion just like Mrunu‘s content. What enhanced her Reel, even more, is the fact that she dressed in an all-traditional attire. Btw, we wanna watch her entire outfit without the filters too.  

6. They Call Me…

This is such a cool new trend. This is a super easy one as all you’ve got to do is add in the names that your parents call you by. Now it’s no more a ‘ghar ghar ki khaani‘, haha. Avanti jumped on this trend we really wanna know the whole story behind this Reel too.

These were the top six trends that made a mark on Instagram in the month of January. If you’ve not made Reels on either of them then what are you waiting for? ‘Cause, they’re never out of fashion. On that note, please stay safe and home at all times. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to know more about the new and upcoming trends.