Instagram trends have now become an everyday thing. Every day brings a new social media trend along with it and we love ’em all. One of the most recent trends is the ‘desi girl’ transition trend. This trend starts off with a question which is, ‘excuse me, has anyone seen…‘ and then you knock on the screen and transition into a traditional outfit. Just like all the other trends, we had many of our faves hopping on this trend as well and tbh, we are totally smitten by how beautiful they all look. Here are a few of our fave creators who totes aced this trend. Scroll your way to watch them slay it as always.

‘Excuse me, has anybody seen…’

1. Kritika Khurana

The ‘Boho girl‘ never fails to leave us amazed with her stunning outfits, amirite? In this Reel, she has compiled a few of her Indian looks and we are in awe of ’em all. Ngl, her ability to give a ‘boho‘ touch to every look she curates totes has our heart.

2. Anam Darbar

Gorgeous gorgeous girls know how to slay a saree in their first attempt, hehe. Anam wore a saree for the first time and can we just take a minute to talk about how insanely stunning she looks here? Also, her make-up is just elevating her look altogether, haina?

3. Somya Gupta

Let’s be honest, Michu looks too cute here, doesn’t she? Her smile always manages to make her videos even cuter and leaves us smiling from ear to ear. Also, we totes love how she is rockin‘ the ‘desi girl‘ look here.

4. Bhavika Motwani

Bhavika has a way to win our hearts with her stunning looks like she did with this smooth transition. We are absolutely loving the classic combo of black and gold here. Also, loveee how the statement earrings are taking the entire ensemble to another level, haina?

5. Muskan Roy

It’s said that a girl looks her best in a saree. Ngl, this Reel of Muskan is proof of the same. We love how she looks so elegant and graceful here. The color of the saree is so beautiful and enhances her natural features in the most beautiful way possible.

6. Mansi Ugale

The transition from an oversized tee to a gorgeous saree is one we defo didn’t see coming! Mansi in a saree is a total vibe and we absolutely lovee it. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how smooth that transition was?

Honestly, all of these reels totes had us swooning over them and we just couldn’t help but watch them all on loop. Our faves defo won our hearts with all their ‘desi girl’ lewks. On a side note, we hope you have got yourselves vaccinated and are staying safe.