Get a glimpse into the world of talent on Instagram as it’s our one-stop destination for all things trending and entertaining. Moreover, this popular platform gives creators and influencers the opportunity to explore their hidden talents. Speaking of talents, Sejal Kumar is a renowned fashion influencer whose name comes on the top of the multi-talented influencers’ list. C’mon, you have to agree just like her styling skills her singing skills are no less. Did you hear her song covers yet? If not, don’t worry we’ve got you covered, so scroll down ’cause you need to hear her sing now!

Get ready to sing along…

1. Lucky I’m in love

Honestly, after watching this Reel we have to say, ‘Sejal, we are lucky and in love with this version of the song’! From the concept to the chords everything here is in sync and stuck in our minds, hehe.

2. Lost cause

Let’s just take a minute to appreciate one of Sejal’s first song covers! She totally got us lost with her dreamy voice. Moreover, we love how the visuals of this Reel match the vibe so perfectly, can’t wait for Sejal to drop another cover version of Billie Elish’s songs.

3. Shaam

Creating a cover version of a beautiful song can be difficult but for Sejal it is easy. If you don’t believe us then watch this Reel and you will come across how smoothly she is singing and giving her own twist to this song making it one of the best covers. A song you would totally wanna jam to with your shaam ki chai!  

4. Positions

This Reel has all our heart! Love how this cover is recorded and especially the way the vocals are mixed, it’s too good to be true. Sejal really got us floored with this one. Also, we would like to sign a petition to watch Sejal create more Ariana Grande’s song covers and looks cause she totally aced this one.

5. Kho gaye hum kahan

Well, we have gotten lost in Sejal’s voice! This beautiful cover is something we just cannot stop watching and listening to on loop. Is it just us or does this soulful song also hit you right in the feels?

6. Lonely

Here’s a perfect Reel to watch when you are feeling lonely! Yes, that’s right, thank us later ‘cause this one will make you say goodbye to your loneliness. Try it yourself as we bet you will start singing along with Sejal.

7. Gorgeous

When this gorgeous creator sings this ‘gorgeous’ song the end result has to be this! If we had the right, we defo would manifest having Taylor Swift and Sejal Kumar singing and releasing a new song together, hehe!

By now you probably will agree with us that there is nothing Sejal Kumar cannot do, amirite? She was born to be a superstar and we have no second thoughts on that. Her voice is soo melodious that all her original covers sound soothing to the ear. On that note, we hope you sing along with Sejal while staying home and staying safe. Also, follow @missmalinitrending to know more about your favourite influencers and content creators!