Instagrammers never fail to get us hooked on a new trend every day and this time it’s on the nostalgic tune ‘Teri Baaton‘. Lately, a lot of creators were seen grooving to a popular song from 2004 that is trending on Instagram. Here’s a list of some of the videos on the desi tune that caught our attention and now we can’t help but watch them on loop. Quickly, scroll down to know who these creators are.

Check ’em out!

1. Neel and Sagar Bora

This dance trend on the super groovy track was started by @just_neel_things and @sagar_bora and it has taken over the ‘gram and how! Now, this is what we call an awesome dance collab that burned the dance floor and also encouraged people to re-create and remix the Reel.

2. Nagma Mirajkar and Ankush Bahuguna

A collab for the first time. The very talented and energetic Nagma Mirajkar along with Ankush Bahuguna is defo making heads turn. They have absolutely aced it together. Also, Ankush’s cool mushroom shirt is adding to the vibe, right?

3. Manav Chhabra

Woah, the Punjabi munda never fails to amaze us with his excellent dance skills. His humble and down-to-earth attitude always makes us go back to watching his content again & again. Ngl, Manav totes has our heart.

4. Unnati Malharkar

The gorgeous, Unnati seems to be doing this trend quite gracefully here, doesn’t she? ‘Baithe hi baithe, humne dil kho diya’, for sure. Also, we absolutely love how she is slaying the chic look here along with her amaze dance moves.

5. Sameeksha Sud

Well, here’s a cute one by the rockstar, Sameeksha who is absolutely raising the levels high. We can’t help but say that she’s defo having a lot of fun dancing on this track. Ngl, we’re also tempted to shake a leg with her post-watching this.

6. Vishal Pandey

Let’s take a moment to adore the ball of cuteness. The ever-so-goofy and handsome, Vishal Pandey is giving us major ‘dil kho diya’ vibes. He has really taken our breath away and we love how he sways so smoothly and nails it every time.

7. Afsha Khan

Isn’t Afsha Khan looking like a dancing doll here? We can’t help but say, ‘tere dance mein aisa uljha jiya’ post watching this, hehe. She truly owns the dance floor like a legit queen.

Seeing all these lovely Reels certainly brought out the nostalgia in us. ‘Teri Baaton’ has been sung by Raghav who’s known to create music with an English and Hindi flair. Until we get a glimpse of what netizens have in store for us next, stay happy and safe. Also, make sure you follow @missmalinitrending to stay updated with the latest trends in the digital sphere.