A new day has brought a new trend with it and we are defo here for it. This new trend that has been making its rounds on the ‘gram is on the trending audio ‘Boring day‘ by Yashraj Mukhate. This is a super fun trend that came into existence when Yashraj put into play his skills and made this hilarious yet extremely fun audio with the vocals of Shehnaz Gill. Many creators hopped on this trend and gave it different twists with their versions of a ‘boring day‘. So, get scrolling right now.

Check ’em out…

1. Yashraj Mukhate

Yashraj and his super cool remixes never fail to amaze us. Just like all of his other creations this one too blew our minds away. Tbh, we have been listening to it on loop, hehe. This collab between Shehnaaz and Yashraj was a must and we love it.

2. Sameeksha Sud

Haha, this one totes has us bursting with laughter. We love the hook step that Sameeksha is doing in this one. Also, isn’t she looking so cure here? Ngl, we can’t get over how fun this one is!

3. Barkha Singh

This one defo has us screaming ‘same sis’. I mean let’s just be honest here, we all have that one friend who is always cribbing about anything and everything, haina? Be it for an outing with friends or at the office, that one friend will always be grumbling about everything. We honestly love how Barkha has managed to portray that in such a fun way here.  

4. Niharicka Singh

Rofl, isn’t this so funny? We can’t help but obsess over her expressions here. It is defo a treat for sore eyes to watch Niharicka here. Her captions also have us laughing out loud.

5. Rida Tharana

Haha, isn’t this so true? It’s not about having fun but just about feeling included. We are all guilty of being in the situation that Rida is in and honestly it is what it is, hehe. The FOMO is real.

6. Alisha Singh

Well, outing with friends is all about being on your respective phones and having some interactions in between, isn’t it? Alisha here has nailed it at what it is like to spend time with your friends now. It’s too accurate.

Aren’t these Reels on ‘boring day‘ ironically too fun? We love them all. On another note, we hope y’all are staying safe and are vaccinated.