Food Lovers, it’s the day for you! It is National Pizza Day and it’s best to call for a large, double cheese pizza with your favorite toppings and enjoy. We’re already halfway through the week and the only way to keep going and find the motivation to work is to order lip smacking food and make the best of what we have. We bring to you some of our favorite Pizza Recommendations in Mumbai to add the right amount of cheesiness to your boring day!

1) Pass The Salt

The Deep Dish Pizza at Pass The Salt is a deep indulgence and will put you in a food coma with loaded cheese, veggies, a crispy crust and the tangiest sauce with a dash of spice. They have a wide range of options from thin crust pizzas topped with whole lot of vegetables and a range of refreshing iced teas in multiple flavours, which is the perfect accompaniment for your heavy meal.

2) Keste Pizzeria

Keste Pizzeria has so many options for you to pick from, it’s a treat in itself. They have a bunch of pizzas and that is not it, they also offer the creamiest pastas, garlic bread and some of the most decadent desserts, especially the rich and silky tiramisu, which is to die for.

3) Cheeky Pizza

Cheeky Pizza has some of the yummiest offerings which includes loaded pizzas that drip of cheesiness and a side of Alfredo, Pesto, Arrabbiata Pastas along with perfectly seasoned Garlic Bread. When in doubt, you know what to do!

4) Olive Pizzeria

This place deserves a cheer for their scrumptious pizzas and that amazing pesto parmesan bread. The videos and pictures will just make you hungry and want you to pick up your phone and order this cheesy indulgence. The caramelized onion, fresh basil and crunchy vegetables make this one an easy pick!

5) Newyork Burrito

Surprise! Surprise! Newyork Burrito has so much more than just mexican foods, they have everyone’s favourite pizza but with a mexican twist. Their pizzas are drizzled with spicy mayo, jalapenos and a whole lot of cheese. For a fun switch from the normal, you can call for a Lebanese Burrito, Tacos and * drumroll * Guacamole Burgers.

6) Greedy Man’s Pizza

Pastas, Peri Peri Fries, Garlic Toasties but our favorite from Greedy Man’s Pizza is that overloaded pizza. We absolutely love the lightly roasted, caramelized vegetables. Everything they offer looks unbelievably finger licking  and you would just want to devour the whole meal within seconds.

7) Hundo’s Pizza

Hundo’s Pizza is a win-win deal because they have some of the yummiest dips that they send in along with their pizzas. They offer a spicy, tangy marinara sauce along with a fresh, toothsome pesto sauce which makes it a flavourful, appetizing and greasy mealthat is everything a pizza should be.

8) Francesco’s Pizzeria

Francesco’s is very popular for it’s monogram letter pizzas. They are an absolute crowd stunner! Our top favourites would be the monogram pizzas with the super crispy fries, velvety and buttery al-dente pastas sprinkled with a whole lot of cheese, mixed herbs and seasonings. The cherry on the cake here is that succulent and luscious chocolate mousse, hands down!

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