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The Perfect Gifting Guide For Galentine’s Day This 2022 Cause Your Besties Could Do With Some Love Too

The Perfect Gifting Guide For Galentine’s Day This 2022 Cause Your Besties Could Do With Some Love Too

Sakshi Rawte

Alright, we know ‘tis the season of love. And with all the super-romantic proposals and wedding pictures floating around, the season of love is defo in full swing. While for most of you, February is always synonymous with all things Valentine’s Day, for a lot of us, it’s always synonymous with Galentine’s Day. Okay, for everyone who has been living under a rock, Galentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 13th of February, a day before Valentine’s Day!

A special day that’s entirely dedicated to celebrating the love of your besties in all its forms, Galentine’s happens to be one of our fav holidays too. I mean what’s not to celebrate about your best friend cancelling all of their plans just because your Bumble match ghosted you and you needed a good cry sesh? Or when your bestie gave you their raw and honest opinion about your new haircut? Or when they helped you out of your 10th existential crisis of the week? Well, let’s just say that some bonds of love will always triumph over romantic love.

Yes, some of you already may have the perfect gifts planned for your partners, we’re here to help you give your Galentine’s the most well-thought gifts too. Here’s a round-up of gifts your gals are absolutely going to adore!

Galentine’s Day Event at MyGlamm‘s Experience Store, Juhu

Galentine’s Day Event at MyGlamm’s Experience Store, Juhu

What’s a better plan for Galentine’s Day than spending it getting pampered with your bestie? The Girl Tribe by MissMalini is hosting a super cool Galentine’s Day event at the MyGlamm Experience Store in Juhu! A barrage of in-house makeup, hair and nail artists are going to be waiting to pamper you and make all of your beauty dreams come true. There’s nothing like getting a full-blown makeover with your girls right by your side, no? To make things a lil more interesting, there are even going to be super fun activities like tarot card readings. Oh, and did we mention there are going to be lip-smacking delicacies from Le 15 too. So what are you waiting for? Surprise your gals with this perfectly planned day at the MyGlamm Experience store.

Closet or Vanity Reorganisation

Who wouldn’t be rejoicing at the idea of their closet or vanity being organised by a professional organiser? I definitely know I’d be squealing! An overcrowded closet and vanity is something we’re all dealing with, whether we like it or not. And let’s be real, no matter how many times you try to set it right, you’re back to square one with it being a royal mess. That’s exactly where the lovely individuals at Organise With Ease by Rohini come in. They assess your existing space and offer you the best solution to organise and declutter it. Now wouldn’t your BFF love to have their vanity or closet organised as a gift?

Customised Sneakers

Sneakers are slowly but surely making their way to everyone’s closets, and hearts too. Let’s be real, we’ve seen so many of our friends transform into sneakerheads overnight. And rightfully so, the right pair of sneakers is so versatile, it seamlessly matches almost every outfit of yours. Whether you’re donning a casual fit or going for a pretty dress, chances are, your sneakers will defo take the look from 0 to 100. What’s better than gifting your best friend a pair of cool sneakers? Gifting them a pair of cool AF customised sneakers, yep you read that right. Brushtler aka Sanaya Irani does a stellar job at customising your kicks for you. Anime, sit-coms, abstract designs and football memorabilia, she can do it all.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards involve a deck of cards with mystical connotations that are designed to interpret the meaning of your life, or what a particular situation in your life could stand for. Sounds quite intriguing, no? How often have you and your best friend pondered over overwhelming life decisions together? Too many times to count, we know! This time around, you could gift your gal an eye-opening tarot card reading that could possibly give them the answers they’ve been searching for. The Mystic Mile by Aarti Khurana offers extremely insightful tarot card readings that we’re certain your bestie will love.

Sex Toys

Sangya Project, The 39+ 

Well, we’re way past hushing each other’s voices and opinions when it comes to sex toys. It’s 2022, time to leave the taboos far behind.  Sex toys have time and again proven to be great companions when it comes to getting to know the intricacies of your own body and at times, your partners’ body too! Trust us, gifting your girl a sex toy this Galentine’s will have her thanking you for aeons. Sangya Project is an online store that focuses on deconstructing preconceived notions about sex and sexuality, whilst making sex toys accessible too. They have a plethora of toys available that are designed for a variety of things.

Scented Candles

Who isn’t a sucker for some good ol’ scented candles? We’re all aware of how uplifting and soothing candles can be. If you’re feeling burnt out and terribly exhausted, trust a scented candle to make you feel so much better. So if you know your best friend’s mood has been down in the dumps lately, let candles rescue her. Here’s an idea, you could plan a soothing day for the two of you, that involves massages, scented candles and lots of soul-searching. Sign me up for this! Lumos Candles by Antara and Shreya have a variety of aesthetically pleasing candles that smell divine.

A Floating Canvas Subscription

If there’s anything that can enliven your already beautiful abode, it’s gotta be art, don’t you think so? The correct piece of artwork has the power to truly transform every nook and cranny of your home. This Galentine’s, give your best girl the gift of her dreams with a Floating Canvas subscription. What’s this you ask? Floating Canvas is an art-on-subscription service that lets you rent beautiful pieces of artwork. Yup, renting artwork is now a thing! I mean, how many times have you had a conversation with your bestie about wanting to spruce your homes up a tad bit? With this, you could actually do that!

Coffee-Lovers Assemble!

Coffee has been one hell of a faithful companion for most of us, these past few years. Whether it was to help you burn the midnight oil to complete last-minute assignments or adhere to work deadlines, coffee has always been there. There’s something so revitalising about that first whiff of coffee that precedes your first sip no? Well, this time around you can defo get your best friend a coffee kit of sorts. Something’s Brewing offers a variety of gifting options that are specially curated for different types of coffee lovers.

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