If the pandemic has done one thing right, it is allowing us to sit in our pjs all day without the hassle of getting ready every morning. With things starting to get back to normal and people venturing out again, I for sure am not ready to give up my comfy loungewear… And I’m sure I’m not the only one! Here’s where loungewear comes into play and is the perfect blend of comfy yet stylish clothing. However Loungewear is not only limited to just basic pyjamas… It has evolved into a full trend and have varied in styles which range from breezy prints to tie-dye sets. And the best part is that they’re perfect for any occasion! Here are some loungewear brands that you need to check out!

1. Huedee

Tie-dye has been all the rage in the fashion world and I’m not complaining! Huedee offers a ton of comfy sweat-sets in a bunch of different tie-dye patterns and bright colours. They are also unisex which give men a chance to up their style quotient while still being comfortable as well. How fun and cute would it be to match with bae in these sweats and go for a long drive or on a movie date?

2. No Gray Area

If you’re a fan of neutral colours and like adding an edgy touch to your outfits, No Gray Area is the store for you! A basic sweatpants and sweatshirt co-ord set is honestly my go-to outfit. These sweatpants also have multiple pockets giving them that cargo-pant look and making the perfect blend of two trends. Whether you’vbe got to run to the store or hop on a plane, this outfit works flawlessly for just about anything.

3. Essgee

This pastel set from Essgee is definitely something I need to add to my collection. The quick and pretty outfit is ideal for when you don’t want to rack your brain on what to wear! The cute bow on the top adds a dramatic flair to this set. Add some gold accessories and a pair of pumps and you have a dinner look ready in no time! If easy and effortless is how you identify your style, then this set fits right in.

4. Lea Clothing Co

This fuzzy three-piece set from Lea Clothing Co. is exactly like what you need for a breezy day or drive at night. Who wouldn’t love when their clothes feel like they’re getting a hug? The wide-leg pants and the oversized cardigan jacket fit right into the recent fashion trends, making this set a popular choice. I could definitely imagine having the perfect weekend lounging at a cafe and sipping my coffee in this incredibly comfy set!

5. Perch

Pyjama sets will always have a piece of my heart! Nowadays a simple pj set can be spiced up easily by some fun prints and Perch has plenty of that to offer. These sets are the ideal WFH outfit! You could literally just get out of bed and join those morning meetings and you would still look put together. Wearing your pjs as a your OOTD has also become quite the trend among the B-town celebs and if they can do it, you can do it!

6. The Summer House

Printed co-ord sets make for the ideal “Sunday brunch with the girl’s” outfit! The Summer House has a ton of options available so you will most definitely find the perfect choice for you! This bold, striped set looks super stylish while still having a breezy and comfortable silhouette. Style this with a pair of heels and a cute, tan bag and you’re ready to take on the day! If you’re not big on prints, they also have a lot of alternative choices in vibrant colours that will look just as great!

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