Hey guys, welcome back to my channellllll (In Aashna Hegde‘s voiceover, hahha). If you’re a fan of chic content then you’d defo love her page to its maxxxx. ‘Cause, she is such a multi-talented creator who makes it a point to stun her fans with her amazing personality and charm. There are so many things that we love about her that it makes us wanna go back to her feed. Honestly, she needs no introduction! So, let’s just scroll down to her Reels.

Here are the things we love about her…

1. Her voice

Aashna’s voice is so soothing to our ears that it makes us feel calmer every time we hear her sing. From Befikar to this song from the upbeat album of Gehraiyaan, she has totally come a long way. Ngl, she has a voice of an angel and we’d love to watch her sing more.

2. Her dance moves

From jumping onto dance trends to making grooving content with her #DamnFam frendz she has made us tap our feet too. This version of Rahul Sharma‘s choreography is just so beautiful. Each of her hand movements shows how enthu and graceful she is when it comes to dancing!

3. Her styling content

Woah hello there! We love how she matches her aesthetics so damn well when it comes to outfit checks. If you’re looking to create styling and fashion content Aashna’s feed is legit your ‘green’ light. Brb, recreating her chic look.

4. Her transitions

Well well, what do we even say about her transitional Reels? Her transitions are so smooth that even if we pause the video we wouldn’t be able to find the catch. From a super casual look to this all-white ensemble looks super gorgeous. Okay sorry, but we’re currently obsessing over her two cute ponytails from this Reel.

5. Her chic content

The words Aashna and chic are synonyms in our dictionary, what about yours, haha? We need to know how do you manage to look so flawlessly beautiful every single time? Seasons might keep changing but our love for her chic content will never change.

6. Her travel content

This goes without saying, ‘cause who doesn’t enjoy travelling? Her recent trip to Paris, ‘the city of love’ has our heart so does she. This Reel audio-video combination is so perfect that it’s just giving us the right feels of travel. The best part is that we now don’t have FOMO cause she covers up her entire vacay in such Reels.

7. Her Reels with her loved one

One thing that we love and know about Aashna is that she always tries to spend some time with her loved ones. Her YouTube videos with her friends and family are proof of that. This is what brings happiness to her face. And what more do we even need, right?

These were a few reasons why we keep going back to her feed every time. This powerhouse of talent’s content is so wholesome that even if you’d wanna skip you wouldn’t be able to. On that note, we hope all of you guys are staying home and safe. Until then, follow @missmalinitrending to know more about your fave influencers and creators!