Shereen Sikka Makes A Strong Case For Digital Fashion With These Quirky Virtual Looks

Shereen Sikka Makes A Strong Case For Digital Fashion With These Quirky Virtual Looks

Joanna Fernandes

With technology booming and virtual reality on the rise, it's only natural that it's found its way into the fashion world as well. Virtual clothes and designs are seen popping up all over the internet and they're truly mind-blowing. One of our favourite influencers, Shereen Sikka aka Shereenlovebug has recently started a new series on her Instagram, wherein she showcases various quirky digital designs by very talented fashion designers. I guess wearing clothes that don't really exist is the new fad now! I'm certainly not complaining, I'd take any chance for some new pieces without my closet exploding! Shereen has shared some fun and crazy outfits that we can't take our eyes off!

Let's take a look, shall we?

1. Glittery Blazer Dress

This piece by Sharannya is certainly not your average blazer dress now, is it? This blush pink number starts off as a blazer and continues down into a tulle, flowy skirt. Aside from the glittery look on the top half, the skirt has polka dot detailing all over. It also features a belt with a little pouch cinching in the waist. All in all, this look is the perfect balance between a structured and flowy silhouette!

2. Golden Anarkali

Going the traditional route we have a gorgeous, golden Anarkali also done by Sharannya. This Anarkali features heavy, gold detailing in multiple different designs all over giving it a very regal look. Indianwear can be quite weighty and tedious to walk around in all day, this might just be the perfect solution for this issue!

3. Studded Jacket

This edgy, studded jacket by Lucii certainly has my heart! The Barbie pink, the multi-coloured studs, what's not to love? Shereen certainly exudes power as she strikes a pose in this uber-cool jacket which is effortlessly paired with ombre leggings that is layered with a sheer, tulle skirt.

4. Lilac Dress

Saying that this dress by Klaws Design is out of this world is quite apt seeing that it doesn't exist. However, I really wish it did! This collared dress features dramatic, ruffle sleeves that resemble floating Lilly pads is truly a unique design. The outfit is paired with a holographic garter that ties into her thigh-high boots and really steals the show.

5. Bubble Suit

This next outfit by 143dress is something you'd imagine seeing on the inhabitants of Mars. This colourful, bubble suit has left me speechless! However, with the current chilly weather this honestly feels like the perfect outfit to me. Kudos to the designer for this incredibly creative wearable work of art!

6. Butterfly Dress

I'd like to call this dress by Mochic the "Butterfly Queen" look. I mean Shereen even wears a crown of butterflies on her head! The dress has a crisscross, geometric pattern around the neck with a sheer piece on the midriff. On the bottom of the skirt, green lines are seen on either side while an ombre effect of the wings is seen on the hem. Also, who could miss the gorgeous butterfly wings behind her?

7. Neon Bodysuit

This full-body, skintight suit from Dressx deserves an award if I do say so myself! The outfit looks like something a modern-day Lara Croft would rock. The pops of neon green and the structured pattern give this look a very futuristic vibe. Only if I could ace this biker chic look as well as Shereen!

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