4 Tips To Brew The Perfect Coffee

4 Tips To Brew The Perfect Coffee

Mitisha Mavani

A good cup of coffee sets the mood for the entire day. You can’t always trust a barista to make the perfect coffee for you. Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands—brewing a fragrant, rich coffee is not easy but it also isn’t impossible. A few tips can go a long way. And these hacks will help you get the best, aromatic cup of coffee every morning.

1) Use Equal Portions Coffee and Water

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When mixing your coffee, add equal amounts of coffee and water. If you are adding 2 spoons of coffee, add 2 spoons of water and beat it consistently until you get a smooth, foamy texture. Add cream or milk as per your liking and mix it well. Beating the coffee with water brings out the deep flavour and makes your coffee light and airy.

2) Keep Coffee Beans Fresh

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Coffee Beans 

Coffee beans tend to catch air and become soggy. Especially, in humid areas- the coffee beans tend to get spoiled easily. One must try and store their coffee beans in airtight or sealed pack containers. Try using containers through which the air or vapour doesn’t get through. After the coffee catches air, it loses taste and gradually loses colour and aroma. It is also very important to use fresh and dry cutlery in the coffee jar, wet spoons might ruin the coffee texture and taste.

3) Avoid Using Excessively Hot Water

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Hot Water 

Coffee needs to be brewed in slightly hotter than lukewarm water. Boiling hot water tends to spoil the taste of the beans and just leaves behind the bitter grounds eliminating the rich aroma and taste. Remove your coffee from heat about 45 seconds before pre boil. Avoid reheating, boiling, prolonged holding on the platform can make an amazingly brewed coffee taste fowl.

4) Choose A Good Brand And Grind Your Own Coffee

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As much as your method matters, the brand of your coffee matters just as much. Pick the brand that suits your taste. Don’t confuse price with taste and buy expensive beans. Pick the beans that have a rich flavour and aroma and these two components are not synonymous with price. Always go for fresh coffee beans and grind them as per your preference of texture. Freshly ground coffee always tastes better and gives your coffee an overall ten on ten flavour and relish.

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