We love to see creators jump on trends and give it a twist of their own like how they did with the ‘Versailles Run’ filter. They’ve turned it into a meme template and how! This filter originally allows you to impose your face onto the screen, making it appear as if a cartoon version of yourself is running down the stairs of the French castle dressed in a Marie Antoinette-style outfit. However, some creators have made use of this filter to make super fun memes out of it which are honestly too relatable and hilarious at the same time. ‘Run’ through these now.


1. RJ Abhinav

Lmao, the background music is really something, haina? But seriously, this is exactly how every sister is at her sister’s wedding. Abhinav truly used this trend in its full essence and we love it, haha.

2. Shibani Bedi

Well, sneaking out of parties early only to slip into your cozy bed is honestly the best idea and we defo relate to Shibani here. However, excusing yourself before time can become a game of temple run if you come across the host while you try to get out, haha.

3. Sukriti Chaturvedi

Well, the scare is real and there is no other way but to run as fast as you can when in this situation. It’s even worse when it’s a false alarm. Periods are really a pain especially when it comes unannounced. But well, you gotta deal with it and just go with the flow, sigh.

4. Jake Sitlani

Our phones are either fully charged or at 1%, there is no in-between, right? You either tend to keep it charged or let it drain completely. The panic at the last minute trying to find the charger to keep it alive is truly intense, exactly how Jake has shown here.

5. Kareema Barry

Safe to say, this is ‘kahani ghar ghar ki’ in monsoon, hehe. We love how Kareema has really displayed the exact situation in every house when it starts raining and there are clothes kept for drying on the balcony. It’s honestly a race against time, right?

6. Aqeel Hyder

Aren’t Nani’s the best? They’re ever ready to feed you food no matter what hour of the day it is. Ngl, this visual representation by Aqeel Hyder is super relatable and true in every sense. Brb, calling our Nani to complain about something her daughter did, hehe.

Aren’t these too relatable? We love how all these creators used the trend to display what everyone has experienced by making it into a meme. On that note, we hope you’re staying safe and are vaccinated.  Until then, follow @missmalinitrending to know more about your fave influencers and creators!