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Who doesn’t love spending all of their free time aimlessly scrolling through reels on Instagram or even watching videos on Youtube? We know we do fo’sho! Especially when it comes to makeup tutorials. Come on, don’t tell us you don’t enjoy doing that too. Lazing around on my sofa with my cat curled up against me while I get lost in every makeup tutorial I watch, sounds like a perfect evening to me.

All thanks to this, much to the dismay of my eyes, I spend a LOT of time looking at a variety of makeup tutorials. If you happen to be just like me, you know it’s exactly like falling into a rabbit hole. You cannot stop at just one tutorial! You gotta watch it all! Especially when there’s something new and creative every single day. In the past few months, I’ve learnt how to get the perfect berry-toned sultry look, aced rhinestone application over eyeshadow and even perfected a gorgeous ombre lip. All of this was only possible because of these supah cool tutorials. Now did you think we wouldn’t share those with you? So, here are a few makeup tutorials that we hope make it to your saved folder too!

1. The Perfect Everyday Makeup Look

Work from home isn’t disappearing anytime soon, no? There’s no rule that says you can’t get a little glammed up even when you’re working from your couch or your bed (like me). This is literally one of the easiest makeup tutorials for a quick sunkissed look.

2. Soft Glam All The Way

While we may have been a fan of some heavy-duty glam, let’s be real, soft glam is IT! This makeup tutorial creates an effortless look with cool-toned browns and mauves, perfect for a last-minute date, no?

3. Skin-Like Makeup

2022 saw the advent of breathable and minimal makeup. And this barely-there no-makeup look is a shining epitome of that! What’s perfect is how versatile this look is. I could wear it at the grocery store or even for a movie!

4. All About Those Lips

Hey, everyone’s on the lookout for the easiest ways to get those lips looking all full and juicy. I must’ve tried a gazillion plumping glosses and lip liner techniques on my quest to make em lips look their best. But, this particular way of lining your lips and then applying lipstick has me hooked!

5. All Aboard The Euphoria Train

We’re not even trying to hide how much we’re obsessed with Euphoria and all of its ultra-edgy and creative makeup looks. I’ve ended up wearing rhinestones to brunch, all thanks to this show. This is a super easy and doable makeup look that doesn’t take up a lot of your time.

6. Oh Bratz!

Chances are if you’re a full-blown 90s gal, Bratz was one of your favourites growing up too. The OG blueprints for confident and sassy women who looked gorgeous, these dolls were all I wanted back then. Bratz-themed makeup has been making the rounds for a while, and this tutorial shows you exactly how you can ace it!

7. Blushy Babies

Blush as a makeup product has been all over the Internet and our vanities too! Whether it’s a powder blush, liquid blush or cream blush, they’re all having their moments in the spotlight lately. If we’ve learned anything lately, its how crucial the placement of a product is on your face. This video gives you a glimpse at various ways you can place your blush to make your face appear a certain way. We LOVE!

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