While Valentine’s Day calls for a celebration for the couples, it’s a regular day for the singles and tbh, we really relate to them, hehe. We absolutely love how these creators lent a voice to the singles and created content on exactly how it feels to not have a date on this day. On that note, scroll through these Reels and have a hearty laugh ‘cuz they’re totally hilarious and fun.

Check ’em out!

1. Karan Sonawane

Haha, we feel like joining Karan’s plan for this Valentine’s Day since we got no plans. Tbh, the unexpected twist this Reel took has us rolling on the floor laughing. But well, Karan is ‘focused’ on surprising us with ‘you didn’t see that coming’ kinda content anyway, amirite?

2. Just Neel Things

Neel, stop calling us out like this, hehe. Being single on Valentine’s Day hits different and while we don’t care about that on the other days, the urge to find a match on this day is on the ultimate high, right?

3. Mayur Jumani

Mayur made a song on how it’s great to be single but be ready to mingle at the same time. However, the twist has us dead, haha. Ngl, the end was definitely worth the wait and we love how beautiful Mayur’s voice is!

4. Ankush Bahuguna

Well, we’re with Ankush on this honestly. It hurts when you got no valentine and people post lovey-dovey Reels & pictures with their partners. Our reaction after scrolling through Instagram today is basically like Ross from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, “I’m fine!” :'(

5. Vishnu Kaushal

Ouch, being single on V-day is one thing but being single on this day when all your friends have a date hurts even more. This is one day when your emotions keep fluctuating like how the lights flicker when the voltage is down, hehe.

6. Sukriti Chaturvedi

When in India, even if you’re lucky enough to have a date on Valentine’s Day, you can’t really be open about it, haha. It’s almost as good as being single. ‘Cause if you carry any gifts home on this day and your parents find out about it, you’re in deep trouble like Sukriti here.

On that note, we wish not just the couples but also the singles a very happy Valentine’s Day. It’s all about love and we encourage you to indulge this day in spending more time with your loved ones. Also, we urge you get vaccinated if you aren’t already and stay safe. Till then, to get more information about your fave influencers and creators follow, @missmalinitrending.