Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance and even if you feel unbelievably happy to be single, this day makes you feel anxious. You want to feel the love, affection and the extra attention—if you want to feel extra special and are still looking for a date, online dating is the way to go. This season of love, we bring to you some trustworthy and tested tips to be safe while dating online.

1) Be Your Authentic Self

Authenticity is the best way to get into a relationship. Be true to yourself, show your true intentions and convey to your partner what you truly expect from the relationship. It is always better to be transparent and be clear about your needs. When in a relationship, honesty goes a long way. You don’t have to put up a mask, show them who you truly are and it will turn around in the best way possible. It is normal to feel shy and put up a facade in front of someone who you’ve met for the first time but it’s preferable to avoid it.

2) Be Clear On dating Intentions

If you feel something is right, go for it. Be yourself and let people get to know the real you. Being clear about your dating intentions and your true self will help you make better decisions and have transparent conversations with your match. This helps in building that trust you both need to take it to the next step. Online dating makes you feel insecure and you want to be extra safe, so it’s better for both individuals to be clear about their intentions.

3) Interesting Conversation Starters

Struggling to start a conversation with something that’s more interesting than just a ‘hi’? Talk about what you like or dislike, give a cute compliment or even share something funny that happened recently. You can also play a game of questions, get to know the person, rather than just having an awkward conversation that would put them off. People always look out for genuine, heart to heart conversations over fake and flattery stuff.

4) Respect Boundaries

Respecting one’s boundaries is extremely important in a relationship, friendship, just about anything. Before taking any important step in the relationship, one should be sure and both the partners should be on the same page. It is essential to discuss things before you make the move. You must make sure that both the partners are comfortable and only then should you dive in. If your partner seems uncomfortable, unsure—give it some time and respect their boundaries.

5) Patience is a virtue

Be clear but not overtly persistent. It’s great to ask questions and keep the conversation going but try not to go overboard with too many messages. It is scary to find true love online and it is also intimidating to trust someone but you have to be patient throughout the process. Patience is the key, give it time and let things flow, things will eventually work out at their own pace.

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