Pros And Cons Of Permanent Makeup Treatments

Pros And Cons Of Permanent Makeup Treatments

Pooja Maheshwary

Lovely red lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and flattering eyeliner—who doesn't want to wear them all day, every day? Permanent makeup holds the promise of having your makeup in place even after you've worked all day, gone to the gym, danced all night, and woken up in the morning. Nothing, it seems, fades these cosmetic inks.

However, many of us have doubts as to how safe these treatments are, and whether there are any long-terms risks that come with undergoing permanent makeup procedures. So, we reached out to Facial Aesthetic Specialist Dr. Shilpi Behl, and asked her to shed light on the pros and cons of these treatments, so that we can make an informed choice. Read on to know all that she shared!

What is permanent makeup?

Also known as micropigmentation, permanent makeup is the procedure done to tattoo the skin to create the look of the makeup, using a pen that contains iron oxide. Pigmentation darkens the skin to mimic eyeliner, lipstick or thicker eyebrows. It is also used to camouflage acne scars and to even uneven hairlines.


Is permanent makeup safe?

Permanent makeup is generally safe if done by a professional and if the best quality pigments are used. Having said that, there is a chance of infection, though minimal, as the needle breaks through the skin. For people who have sensitive skin, there is a chance of having an allergic reaction to the pigments. It is also necessary to note that all tattoos cause permanent scarring. The procedure is less painful compared to getting a tattoo, but there are chances of injury to the eyelids, cuts and bruises.

What are the pros of permanent makeup treatments?

If you're tired of applying makeup every morning, permanent makeup might be the perfect solution. It may sound a bit scary, but if you hire skilled professionals, permanent makeup can be a time-saving and extremely convenient choice.


1. It's convenient and easy

The most popular reason why thousands of people go for permanent makeup is that they don't have to carefully apply their makeup each day. Therefore, it's a great choice for older women, busy women, athletes, water sports athletes, and nearly anyone else who is tired of spending hours in front of the mirror each day.

2. It saves time

For the people who are busy, every minute of their precious time counts, especially when rushing to get to work in the morning. Permanent makeup saves hours you spend in front of the mirror trying to look glamourous every day.

3. It is waterproof and smudge-free

Makeup tends to spread or melt away in hot weather no matter if it's smudge-free or great in quality. With permanent makeup, one doesn't have to worry about smudging, smearing, or wiping and this is the reason athletes, especially swimmers, prefer to undergo permanent makeup procedures.

4. It can be tailored to suit your preferences

Permanent makeup is available in a variety of colors, thickness and styles, so you can carefully choose the right look as per your requirements.

5. It boosts confidence

If you're self-conscious about the way you look, or don't like the scarring on your face, permanent makeup can help change your outlook.

What are the cons of permanent makeup treatments?


1. It's permanent

If you like to change your makeup look every few weeks, or want to experiment with different looks for different occasions, permanent makeup is not for you. You will have this ink on for the rest of your life.

2. It has a few risk factors

Permanent makeup is likely to cause allergic reactions or skin infections, but the risk is very low. Properly sterilised, single-use equipment should be used to reduce the risk of infection.

3. It is expensive

Of course, this will depend on the procedure you choose and the size of the area, but permanent makeup certainly isn't as cheap as drugstore makeup.

4. It can fade

Permanent makeup, like most tattoos, can fade over time. In a few years, you may have to deal with faded eyeliner, or have to repeat a procedure to darken the line.

There is a lot to think about in regards to permanent makeup. Since these are permanent procedures, careful consideration is the key. It is advisable to weigh your options, and speak with a professional before you make your final decision.

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