You would have probably heard a lot about the Metaverse recently. For those unaware, the metaverse is essentially the evolution of how we use the internet (woah!). It’s often described as online spaces where people can socialize, work and play as avatars. Basically, think of virtual reality as a new way of living your life. And with Metaverse, comes Metafashion, a combination of fashion, metaverse, and NFT that is becoming a global trend. Digital fashion doesn’t have any limits, which is why it is a great tool for exploring oneself and one’s own personality in the safest and easy way. In fact, influencers have also embraced this trend. Let’s take a look at some of the international creators who are defo creating waves in the fashion world with their digital outfits.

One, Two, Three…Scroll!

1. Safiya Nygaard

Taking the sleeve game to the next level, this popular American YouTuber totes gives us the trendy digital vibe. After all, it is always fun to spice up your outfit with some fashionable liberties, right?

2. Daria Shapovalova

Leading by example, Daria makes us wonder if her outfit is real or not. We are loving how she has paired her digital outfit with her grey accessories and boots. BTW, we loveeee her smile.

3. Kate Ozerov

Uffff, we cannot help but be mesmerized by the sizzling black digital body suit worn by Kate. The ex-banker turned content creator looks absolutely gorgeous, don’t you think so too? Now that’s what we call the meta look of the day!

4. Gloria Schito

This Italian fashion content creator is looking fab in her glittery digital blue gown. She mentions how metafashion allows us to wear our dream clothes while remaining in the comfort of our homes. We kinda agree with her!

5. Indy Johnson

This gorgeous Indonesian model-turned creator is leading the trend before anyone else with the most cutting-edge apparel in the virtual world. Are we still living on planet earth? It’s the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day in the Metaverse!

6. Isabelle

Welcome to Earth in 2050. Ever thought of trying on a digital nuclear power dress? This new-era influencer looks totally dope in this decarbonized and sustainable outfit that gives us a sneak peek of the world in the future.

7. Lingua Marina

The absolutely stunning YouTuber from Silicon Valley is totes giving us digital fashion goals. We are so excited about this trend and can’t wait for the entire world to start understanding the value of digital assets.

If virtual reality rises into occupying a significant part of the human lifestyle, metafashion is bound to follow suit. On a side note, we hope you have got yourselves vaccinated and are staying safe. Until then, follow @missmalinitrending to know more about your favorite influencers and creators. Have a great week folks!