Okay, by now you must be aware that I’m a 100% blush gal. I went from hating the whole concept of using blush, to making it a staple in my routine. Now, how exactly did that happen? One day, while I was cleaning out my vanity, I happened to come across a blush that I’d never used before. After trying it on, I realised how transformational it is. Suddenly, my face had so much colour that instantly elevated my look. From that moment, I was hooked on to blushes.

So, it’s safe to say that I’ve tried my fair share of blushes. I began with powder blushes as we all did. With cream and liquid products being in the limelight, I slowly gravitated towards them. And rightfully so, I mean have you seen how versatile cream and liquid products tend to be? Not only can they be used in multiple ways, but it’s also super easy to blend them. Trust me, I’m the proud owner of 8 liquid blushes and 9 cream blushes. However, recently I tried a new cream blush and it’s probably the best one I’ve tried, yet! The Ruby’s Organics créme blush in peach has become a newfound favourite for me.

Now, what’s so special about this one?

  1. I have never seen such vibrant pigment before. Just one swipe of it has so much colour pay-off, I’m so impressed by that!
  2. However, despite it appearing so vibrant, it settles onto your skin without coming on too strong. Buildable coverage, ladies! That’s one of my favourite part about this blush. I can build up the intensity as much as I like. Because face it, on some days we love just a natural flush of colour and on some days we love it bold, don’t we?
  3. Versatility, duh! While this tiny pot of goodness is a blush, it can also be used as a lip tint or as an eyeshadow too (something I absolutely love doing). This is practically a godsend when you’re running late or hopping from one social setting to another.
  4. It’s soft and balmy texture is so lightweight when applied, it practically melts into your skin. Who doesn’t love that?
  5. This blush can be used on your bare skin and on top of makeup too! So on days where I just want a pop of colour without any base makeup whatsoever, this blush comes in handy
  6. It comes in a cute lil pot that can be carried everywhere, it follows me from my tote bag to my tiny slings.

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