To put it in simple words, love languages describe how an individual receives love. Every person has different ways of expressing love and different ways of receiving it. Every individual in your life has a love language and so do you, it is essential to identify your love language. Identifying your love language helps you understand your partner’s needs and demands. It helps you gauge your relationship. If you are looking to build a healthy relationship, you need to work on it, communicate what makes you feel loved and cherished enough by your partners—this is where love languages can help you.

What are the different types of love languages?

1) Gifts

This love language is often confused with materialism but it shouldn’t be. If your partner’s dominant love language is receiving gifts, then you should spare the time and gift them. Gifts can be big or small, the thoughtfulness behind the gift is what matters. The gifts don’t need to be over the top extravagant, they can be small, handmade—anything significant. The actual gifting part is what matters above everything.

Pro Tip- The best gifts are the meaningful ones.

2) Acts of Service

Acts of service can be an exhausting way of expressing your way of love for someone. To explain acts of kindness in simpler terms, it makes sense to do things for people that they would like for you to do. For instance, making a cup of coffee for your loved one before they wake up, doing the dishes when they are swamped with work, packing a meal for them, picking up cream rolls from their favourite bakery and so much more. It is all about doing the little things that could make a difference and put a smile on their face.

3) Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are all about cheering your partner on. Sending them cute messages, leaving post-its with small notes, writing a card for them—in simpler terms it describes people who like being appreciated with words over anything else. Words of affirmation can be spoken or written that show signs of support, uplift and empathize with your partner.

4) Quality Time

Time is the most precious gift you can give someone. If your partner’s language of love is quality time then they will thrive on any time you give them. Quality time can be of any form, watching a movie together, going shopping, completing chores or just sitting beside each other and scrolling through Instagram. Quality time is really important and makes you feel comfortable in each other’s company.

5) Physical Touch

Intimacy doesn’t just come from sex. Intimacy is layered and has so much more depth to it than perceived. You can make someone feel loved and special with small acts of cuddling, inadvertent kissing, falling asleep on their shoulder, giving them a massage and the list is endless. Most people confuse intimacy with sex but there is so much more to it than just that.

6) Communication

Communication is the strongest part of a relationship, it’s the base of anything you build upon with a person. For most people, communicating may seem difficult and also turn out to be a problem. Hence, to be able to communicate freely, talk about your needs, be open with your partner about what you want and expect can be extremely fulfilling and gratifying. Communication is the key for some people and if talking about things makes your partner feel loved and important, that’s something that you should try doing, it’s only going to work out for the better.

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