Fashion trends come and go and we know that fashion is cyclical in nature, which means trends get recycled all the time. The best thing you can do in this situation is to take good care of your clothes and if they aren’t on-trend anymore then stash them away for when they make their return because you know a fashionista must always be prepared.

If you like hopping on and off the trend bandwagon then you’re going to want to add fresh items to your wardrobe. This is the season for electric colours, puffer jackets, oversized clothing, square-toe heels, a lot of funky jewellery so you could look at adding some of these pieces that appeal to your personal style. And don’t forget to ditch/store the items that no longer spark joy for you! So here are a few pieces that you might want to retire from your wardrobe.

1) Animal Print

Animal prints became highly popular around the ’80s and early ’90s so it’s safe to say it isn’t a very new trend, you could ditch this trend but if you really love it then opt for the print with a coloured base in brights or pastels. This should instantly up your style game. For this season, however, we’re leaning more towards metallics and poppy colours. Let’s bring out the yellows, oranges and hot pinks as we bid adieu to the winter season.

Animal Print by triocean. |
Animal Print

2) Skinny Jeans

There’s so much you can do with denim—dress them down with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers or dress them up with a statement top and heels. It’s all about the occasion and how you want to style a basic pair of blue jeans. Skinny jeans used to be the coolest thing in the early ‘2000s and now it’s all about experimenting with different silhouettes, prints, colours. Boot-cut jeans, wide-leg jeans, mom fit, boyfriend fit, ripped jeans and printed denim are the new cool and we’re living for comfy jeans. So this makes us more than happy to wave the uncomfortable skinny jeans goodbye!

Skinny Jeans by glamour |
Skinny Jeans 

3) Stilettos

Stilettos have always been a girl’s most dreaded nightmare. As pretty as they can be, they are unbelievably painful to wear and get through the entire day. Let’s make way for block heels because they’re so comfortable to wear and pretty much make anything you wear look chic and trendy. Alternatively, you can swap your stilettos for sneakers, block heels, kitten heel shoes or square-toe heels. Instagram is flooded with funky heels and we can’t wait to raid the stores and fill our closets with these new closet essentials.

Stilettos by Julia Lototskaya | www.shutterstock

4) Latex

Kim Kardashian can slay latex or just about anything TBH, so if Kim K’s wearing it—it’s definitely an accepted fashion trend already. But it’s high time, we give up on latex and start investing in faux leather instead. Latex is uncomfortable, difficult to fit into and impractical at best. More than feeling sad, ditching latex should make you rejoice. Leather pants, sequin dresses and satin slips are our season favourites and we can’t wait to step out in these silhouettes to make those heads turn.

Kim Kardashian wearing latex (Source: Instagram | @kimkardashian)
Kim Kardashian wearing latex

5) Cold Shoulder Tops

Cold shoulder tops should have been left behind in 2017 because they’ve had a long enough run. So for now we can throw these tops to the farthest corner of our closets. It’s the time for vintage fits, square necklines, high necks, exaggerated sleeves to make a comeback. While these cold shoulder tops might highlight your collarbones and make you look slender and elegant their time with us is done.

Cold Shoulder Top by Victoria Chudinova |
Cold Shoulder Top

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