Hello Raaje!’ The absolutely hilarious and fun, Shibani Bedi‘s new character, ‘Gurgaon Waali Bhua Ji’ is like that one distant relative we all have in our family. She’s witty, funny, and has a strong opinion on everything. Honestly, we’ve been addicted to these Reelscuz they’re just too good and accurate. Shibani has totally nailed it with her accent and we love her ‘bhua ji lewk‘ way too much. It goes without saying that she’s definitely winning everyone’s heart with this character. Now, scroll your way through her Reels.

Here we go…

1. Match Making

Who else wants to see a collab between this bhuaji and Seema aunty from Indian Matchmaking? Needless to say, it will defo be epic if that happens! Shibani has aced the accuracy of being that family member who wants you to get married against all odds.

2. Resolving Fights

Trust this bhuaji to resolve all your fights in the most hilarious way possible. Especially when it comes to a fight between your parents. Ngl, we find all her points valid and seem to nod our heads in agreement. We love how this isn’t just ‘gurgaon waali bua ji‘, it’s all bhua ji’s around the globe.

3. Kitty Parties

Bhuaji is all set to take over YouTube after getting viral on Instagram and we can’t wait for her channel. Imagine her making daily vlogs in her mehenga apartment with a golf course view. Ngl, we would love to see her make skincare routine videos and do a shopping haul, haha.

4. Momo Ice Cream

We agree with bhujai on this. It’s good to experiment with food but not on this level. As Popatlal from ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma’ says, ‘cancel’ these weird combinations right away. We would also like to thank bhuaji for taking one for the team and addressing these videos as we all should.

5. Wintery Winds

We honestly relate to all of bhuaji’s complaints about winters. It really is difficult to get out of bed in such cold winds. However, we love the idea of her jumping as soon as she gets up to generate some heat in the body. Well, now that summer is coming, we’ll be able to resolve all these issues.

Bhuaji is scared of Instagram trends since it involves a lot of hopping but we believe that she not just looks young but also is young. Ngl, we’re sure that she will rock it as an influencer and we would honestly love to see her share her lavish life online, hehe.

These Reels by Shibani as ‘Gurgaon Waali Bhua Ji‘ really have us wanting for more. We love how accurately hilarious they’re and can’t stop watching them on loop. On that note, we hope y’all are vaccinated and staying safe. Also, don’t forget to follow, @missmalinitrending for all creator and influencer updates.