Colourful Jewellery Pieces That’ll Instantly Spice Up Your Look

Colourful Jewellery Pieces That’ll Instantly Spice Up Your Look

Joanna Fernandes

Ever feel like your look is missing something or that it could use something more? Well, the solution here is simple, all you need is jewellery! I mean I'd take any excuse to expand my collection, wouldn't you? Colourful and bright jewellery has been making quite a lot of appearances in today's fashion and we're here for it! Where to find them you ask? Not to worry I've made a list of some stunning pieces that have the power to instantly take your outfit from drab to fab!

Let's have a look, shall we?

1. Swarovski

I have nothing but love for these heart-shaped earrings! The pink colour, the sparkly crystals and the swans forming the heart, what's not the love? You could style these lovely earrings for date night with bae, along with your bodycon dress and pumps to ace that elegant look. These earrings will surely grab all the attention and make you stand out!

2. Brinco

These massive crochet earrings with cute flower detailings are absolutely perfect for the summer. The earrings have a huge textured stud to which the beautiful, crochet design is attached. This pair is sure to steal the show and do all the talking for you! These earrings with a flowy, white dress, a pair of sandals and a small pink bag all together make the perfect vacay outfit!

3. Clayed Carat

Clay jewellery anyone? These rings are a definite blast from the past for me. As a child, while playing with clay I would always make rings and wear them till they disintegrated. Seeing that this is now an actual trend and are being sold has me really excited! I would style these youthful pieces with an uber-cool, street style outfit to add a pop of colour and elevate the look.

4. Zevar King

These multi-coloured, crescent hoop earrings are certainly to die for! Giving a very regal feel with the gold base, this pair is sure to make you feel like a princess. Whether you go the casual route and add these as a statement piece or go for a more decked-up look with a cocktail dress, these earrings would work flawlessly with both!

5. Misho Designs

Inspired by 18th-century French padlocks, this heart pendant fits right into the theme for this week! They come in various poppy colours and neutrals so finding the perfect one for you shouldn't be a problem. What's more, is that they also come as rings so you could easily ace that matchy-matchy vibe! I can't wait to add these pretty pieces to my closet!

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