One of the recent trends that have taken the ‘gram by a storm is this fun dance trend on the audio by @danceorigin. Thb, it’s definitely a vibe. It is a super easy yet extremely fun one. Just follow the steps and voila, you’ve got it! Many of our fave creators have hopped on this one too and it has been a treat watching them all. Some even gave the trend their own twist making it even more fun to watch. Here is a list of some of them that we absolutely enjoyed. Get scrolling to know more.

Here you go:

1. Faisal Shaikh

Two of our faves, Faizal Shaikh and Lauren Gottlieb collaborated on this one and you all know how much we love it when two creators come together and we loveeed this one. Their moves had us vibin’ all along and tbh, we can’t wait for more such collaborations.

2. Vishal Pandey

The all-time cuties Vishal Pandey and Sameeksha Sud hopped on this trend and as usual, nailed this one too. It’s always fun watching these two come together to create content, haina?

3. Zaid Darbar

Atrangz just had their first auditions and Zaid Darbar used this opportunity to create this super fun transition Reel with the applicants and honestly, it’s just so cute. After watching this Reel we can only imagine how much more fun the auditions must have been.

4. Masoom Minawala

This one is just way too cute. Masoom Minawala along with her entire team hopped and this trend and we couldn’t have loved it any more. We are loving the team efforts here and can’t wait to see more of such Reels.

5. Madalsa Chakraborty

Mother-daughter duos are always the cutest and Madalsa and her mom are defo one of our faves. This Reel of them together is just too cute and has our heart. We have to admit it, sometimes bloopers are even more fun to watch than the actual videos.

6. Jake Sitlani

Adding a funny twist to the entire trend, this one caught our attention. Ngl, it had us laughing out loud for a while with the accuracy of the Reel. We lovee how creators find different ways to make a trend unique in their own way.

These were just a few of the many we liked, don’t forget to check them out on the audio page. On a side note, we hope you guys have got yourselves vaccinated. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending for more creator updates.