Alia Bhatt is totally raising the bar and I realise that the more I see her in the promotional material of Gangubai Kathiawadi. First it was the trailer and then came Dholida – which just left me speechless for the fact that Alia has not just aced the dance steps but also gotten the body language so well.

Recently when the actor got into a conversation with Shravan Shah, Entertainment Head, MissMalini, she spoke extensively about this Sanjay Leela Bhansali film. Speaking about Dholida, Alia revealed that there are two garba songs in the film and she didn’t really get to rehearse for the last part of Dholida.

Alia said,

“There are 2 garba songs and there’s a difference between the two. One was as Ganga and one as Gangubai. That’s how Kruti Mahesh choreographed it and how sir envisioned it. So, a different level of energy was required as Ganga and as Gangubai I had to put down weight while performing. But yes, garba is just the next level of cardio and high energy. Even though it was done by me, it was envisioned by sir, like I said. Everyone is loving the last part in Dholida but that part was not rehearsed. Sir could have done it in cuts, but he said it would be memorable when its done in one take.”

Alia’s performance looks so spectacular on-screen that I can only imagine the hard work she must have put into it. She confesses she has worked really hard and perhaps, that’s something she totally trusts herself with.

She added,

“Every time people see that last shot in Dholida, everyone is saying just one thing – even people who do not like me and those who hate me are saying that you can’t deny the fact that she put in a lot of hard work. That’s the main thing! I keep saying it that people may keep talking about nepotism and all, but ultimately, I have to go and do the hard work. At the end of the day, I have to face the camera. You can call me a bad dancer or a bad actor. You can call me bad everything, but you can’t say I’m not hard-working. And that goes for everyone actually. If you are on a film set and not working hard, you won’t be on another film set again. There’s no time and patience for people who don’t work hard in the film industry.”

That’s so very well said by Alia and it makes me further respect her as an actor. No wonder, she’s come such a long way and has won several hearts and accolades over her decade old journey in the industry. I’m sure she’s going to surprise us further when Gangubai Kathiawadi releases on February 25.

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