In recent years, maternity fashion has had a huge upgrade. From cute dresses to denim outfits, baby mama’s all over have been acing their maternity style. There’s no need for you mommy-to-be’s to compromise on comfort or style in today’s day and age. There are multiple options available now that will have you looking and feeling amazing. Now, I know when you’re pregnant all you want to do is sit at home all cozy in your pyjamas. However, on the rare occasions that you do want to go out, I have a list of outfits ready for you!

Let’s have a look, shall we?

1. Bodycon Dresses

A bodycon dress is perfect for that snug fit and sophisticated look! While still being stretchy and comfy these dresses also help in accentuating your curves and showing off that baby bump. All you need to do is slip into this dress, put on a pair of cute sneakers or sandals and you’re good to go. I’m sure all you baby mama’s would appreciate the minimal effort that goes into this look!

2. Jeans And Shirt

Preggo or not loose and baggy jeans have been quite the trend nowadays! This outfit allows you to look stylish while still being super comfortable, I would say it’s a win-win situation for sure! You could spice up the look by tying up the shirt, baring your bump or you could leave it loose. Either way, it’s going to look extremely cute! I would say carry a cute backpack with this outfit but let’s be honest is going to be a part of your hubby‘s outfit as soon as you step out!

3. Fit & Flare Dresses

Have a brunch to go to but can’t be bothered to rack your brains behind an outfit? Short and flowy dresses are the perfect solution for that! These dresses cinch in at the waist and then flow out, gracefully highlighting your bump. Add in some small hoop earrings and a couple of dainty bracelets and you’re ready! Easy and effortless, who wouldn’t love that? This style of dress plus a floral pattern really has an ethereal look and will have you feeling like an earth goddess.

4. Biker Shorts And Oversized Shirt

This chic look is excellent for running some errands or even going for a coffee run while still being comfortable. A pair of stretchy, black biker shorts and an oversized shirt of any colour should do the trick! To add some more character to the look, you could style it with uber-cool, colourful sneakers and huge sunglasses. All in all, this look gives very off-duty model vibes and I’m here for it!

5. Workout Sets

Cute workout sets have been all the rage and are seen adorned by many of our favourite celebs nowadays. This matching outfit requires absolutely no thought, just throw on a set and add a jacket and you’re done! These sets are also super versatile and can be dressed up or down easily, making them the perfect choice! I mean stretchy leggings and a sports bra sounds like a dream to me.

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